9 reasons not to be too sad about PSN being all broken

FirstPlay reminds us that PS3 has single-player games that don't need no network.

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NewMonday2783d ago

It gave me the time to finally play Dragon Age 2 (loving it)

I just happened that I upgraded my HDD from 80gb to 500gb the same day PSN went down, I was planning to get a ton of games to create a digital games library for my PS3, from old stuff like warhawk and Siren to PSN games like dead nation moon diver and hard corps uprising, even re-buying digital copies of Mass Effect MAG and DCUO… but then this happens.

Just a little longer now

Urrakia342783d ago

Holy crap! Did anybody else see that massive password?!

NewMonday2783d ago

Yes LOL, more like a whole paragraph rather than a phrase

coryok2783d ago

ive been rpetty satisfied with the psn being down, been playing through a bunch of games that i missed while i playing online.

lots of good single player games out there im finding out

Perjoss2783d ago

had this conversation with my cousin yesterday, he basically plays BFBC2 all the time and he misses out on so many other good games. This is why I refuse to play any multiplayer game for more than a week, I will try and get the most from it in that space of time and then move on, too many fish in the sea :)

lazertroy2783d ago

So far I picked up enslaved and Mass Effect 2. Waiting for the online to come back on before I buy Portal 2.

Perjoss2783d ago

The single player part of Portal 2 is great, and not as short as people have been saying.

Soldierone2783d ago

Beat Single player in 9 hours, its on my record in Steam. 9 hours and 10 minutes total game time, with the last levels trophy included.

We just beat the co op in one sitting today, took about 7 hours.

Now its simply just trophy hunting for the platinum and im done with it. Note this is all on PS3, not on PC so the co op number wont show up till i sync it when PSN goes back up.

josephayal2783d ago

I'm too busy playing Yacuza 3

Simon_Brezhnev2783d ago

hope you play Yakuza 4 because 3 is shit compared to it.

despair2783d ago

Got my copy ordered and shipping from amazon, will have it soon. Is it really that much better because Yakuza 3 was pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.