Starhawk confirmed, first details leaked

SystemLink: "It may look to be a torrid time for Playstation gamers, with the PSN outage meaning you're stuck with all those single-player games. Eww. However, the world just got much a better place; SystemLink can exclusively reveal that Starhawk, the much-rumoured sequel to 2007's Warhawk, is real - and we've got the first details."

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kharma452783d ago

Providing the source is reliable obviously. If so, very exciting!

malamdra2783d ago

Sony must be holding some amazing stuff to reveal a E3 if they let this one out a month or so before

kramun2783d ago

Sony revealed most of their stuff last year before E3.

MitchGE2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Starhawk sounds very promising, but am I the only one who noticed this?

"- The game remains a PS3 exclusive. However, Starhawk will ship on Blu-ray, rather being a digital title on PSN like Warhawk."

"- Starhawk runs on a brand new engine that provides stunning visuals, explaining the jump from digital title to Blu-ray disc."


sikbeta2783d ago

YEAH! we all know it was coming and now we have a confirmation, yes sir, totally awesome news!!!

lastdual2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


Yeah, I noticed that slip up as well, especially considering I *owned* a physical copy of Warhawk the day it was released... It was never just a PSN release.

In any case, it's cool to hear that they're adding a single player campaign.

Istanbull2783d ago


Sequel to the best multiplayer game of 2007!

Cenobia2783d ago

@MitchGE & lastdual

The website is in the UK, where the physical copy was released almost a month later (at least in most of Europe it was).

He could also mean that a digital copy will not be available at all.

xAlmostPro2783d ago

PSN back up with a rebuilt network and then bam E3 comes and sonys back in the game :D

Eyeco2783d ago

why can't sony just leave this for e3, its like last year when they announced LBP2, KZ3 AND Infamous 2 before E3 what was the point ? it just made there 2010 E3 so boring and uninteresting.

Lets just hope this is the only game they announce before E3.

Commander_TK2783d ago

Why didn't they wait to reveal until E3? Stupid decision. (Waiting for the disagrees by this dreadful community).

ERMAC_2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

They didn't reveal it, it was leaked. We know nothing about the game other than this info and he said it is real and he probably didn't have Sony's permission to say it if he wanted to remain anonymous.

Not like there wasn't mass speculation going on about it anyway.

Legionaire20052783d ago

Eyeco u say boring!!! you forgot about the Portal 2 stream announcement for PS3 and Twisted Metal!!! Sony had a better show than all the other two. Nintendo might steal the show this year with the Wii 2 announcements!!!

ComboBreaker2782d ago

Hater: "I am done with the PSN!"

Sony announces Starhawk.

Hater: "Ok. I am back. I'll see you guys on the PSN, in Starhawk."

blumatt2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Warhawk is, still to this day, one of the top 5 online multiplayer games on PS3. The gameplay was just so fun. One minute, you're on the ground and the next you're in the air dogging it out with jets. I can't wait to see what Starhawk brings us. I seriously hope it'll be where you can fight on Earth but then fly up into the atmosphere into Space. Aww!!! That would be awesome!!! Then they could bring downloadable content where they could let us visit other planets and stuff. I know I'm going too far, but it would be neat!!

I've been waiting for someone to make an open world space game and maybe they could somewhat bring this to reality with this game.

Shadow Flare2782d ago

Awesome news! Warhawk is truly the best multiplayer game I've ever played, bar none. So stoked for starhawk, we all knew it was coming. But it sounds awesome. And will hopefully release this year too

ToastyMcNibbles2782d ago

Personally I think its a great idea to reveal it before E3. That way all the attention will surround Starhawk instead of it potentially being lost in the shuffle at E3. There's gonna be so much new content announced at E3 that a game like Starhawk could get lost between all of it. Either way I'm excited!

young juice2782d ago

i think its great that they announce the games before e3. that way they can concentrate on some actual details at e3 instead of stupid teaser trailers.

Lifewish2782d ago

never even heard of the website so I doubt Sony would exclusively reveal anything to them.

Vherostar2782d ago

"We spoke to a Sony employee who, understandably, wished to remain anonymous" meaning we could have just made all this up with the previous rumours that have been floating about. I have never heard of this site before so they are obviously looking for hits and this is a way to get it. This is NOT confirmation of anything as we have no official developer saying anything online just somebody saying they heard somebody say something. Stupid chinese whispers styling.

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joydestroy2783d ago

zomg best news all day!!! been waiting to hear this =D

Trey_4_life2782d ago

It has certainly made me optimistic about the future of the ps3 again, all sony needs to do now is win my loyalty and confidence back.

frostypants2783d ago

Did anyone else noticed that the opening music on the startup screen for Warhawk changed like 3 times over the years?

Linzoid2782d ago

Yeah, my personal favorite was the title music they had in the beta trial

showtimefolks2782d ago

now just show us the demo/trailer at e3 and i am happy

this one has both mp and single player right?

yeh i didn't read didn't want any spoilers

C_Menz2782d ago

Yea it did say there is a SP part of the game along with MP. Personally I could care less, unless they pull off epic massive battles in the SP and not just random fights that resemble MP.

I've been waiting for this for a long time and hopefully it comes out late this year or early next year.

ToastyMcNibbles2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Can't wait! Warhawk is one of my favorite multiplayer games this gen!

BkaY2782d ago

awesome * gazillion....

i still play warhawk to this very day.... cant freaking wait....


egidem2782d ago

*Screaming like a little kid!

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Cardenjs2783d ago

Awesome, no PSNetwork game has held my short attention span longer than Warhawk. (My attention span is so bad that I got bored with DCUniverse Online before the Beta expired)

soundslike2783d ago

ha, touche.

"My attention span is so short I go

theonlylolking2783d ago

I hope it will support around 100 players. Warhawk had maps that could easily support that amount.

Dark_king2783d ago

rumors put it at 32 same as Warhawk but we can hope for more.

DarkFantasy2783d ago

100 players on warhawk!! are you crazy! that game is hard enough with 32 players!...more players don't = Better game.

mrv3212782d ago

I with it'll go to 64 not too many more I hope, but with Zipper technology they can get to 256... Jesus, I want that.

Give me that
I give you my money.

C_Menz2782d ago

I think more players would be nice if they get the right amount of balance between air/vehicles/ground troops. I could see it working out great, however if they stick with around 32 players I would still be happy since they game was chaos enough..

You get in a plane and you have people shooting rpg's, turrets, tanks, and other planes at you...then you try the ground as a foot soldier and some plane strafes you lol. I couldn't imagine 50+ people on one warhawk battle.

ajeben8092782d ago

I reckon 40 would be the sweet spot. 32 players on Warhawk didn't feel quite enough on some maps and I think 40 will still allow them to keep the game looking and running smoothly before it turns into chaos.

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ERMAC_2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

No, but it can help. Warhawk's maps could have benefited from a slight increase in player count to cut down on infantry deadspots. You have to account for half you team being in the air. This isn't MAG where its just 2 games going on at specific locations, you all spawn in one location and anyone can go anywhere with a huge number of aircraft and vehicles to get into. Maybe not 100. Actually I was thinking 40-64. If your going to have vehicles that hold 7 people which is almost half your team on huge maps, it wouldn't hurt.

I can't say about this game, I know nothing about how different it plays from Warhawk and the map details.

gameseveryday2783d ago

"Starhawk is the game Dylan Jobe can't wait to talk about"

Count me in.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2783d ago

So the people who abandon the PS3 after this are going to be shooting themselves in the foot. This is a must play game!