Reality Check: PlayStation 3 Will Survive

The sheer amount of insanity the PlayStation Network outage has caused is a bit of a joke, really. We’ve got people claiming that they will never play the PlayStation again. We’ve got people suing because they feel their identities are at stake. We’ve even got people vowing to never buy Sony products again. All this because of some hacker that managed to break into Sony’s networks after five years? What’s wrong with the world today?

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kyl2772821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Of course it will. Sony will lose some reputation and sales and there has been some downtime, that's about it.

godmoney2821d ago

I can't wait for Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian. The PlayStation 3 is not dead for me!

miyamoto2821d ago

We got the same priorities. High Five!

Me I am also waiting for Team ICO Collection and FF Versus XIII

protekjv2820d ago

Hopefully that rumor about Chrome coming to the PS3 will true also.

godmoney2819d ago

Not a fan of FF games myself...

Bigpappy2821d ago

Of couse it will survive. Why is this in question. The only way for plastation to go under, would be for Sony to go under. That is NOT going to happen. Worst case is a users info gets used and they win a case against Sony. Best case scenario, No info is mis-used, and PSN looses a few sales of its digital properties because some nolonger trust PSN with the info required to make the purchase. This could affect XBLA sales to by the way, but to a mush lesser extent.

Ruggadagod2821d ago

it never dies, it just evolves.

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