ClickOnline: Driver: San Francisco Hands On Preview

After five years, Ubisoft Reflections are careening towards the finish line with an all new entry in the Driver franchise. Check out impressions on the all new reveal of Driver: San Francisco from ClickOnline.

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Dee_912782d ago

I was looking forward to this game until I found out you cant get out your car and walk around
I keep feeling that it will be just like midnight club type of driving but just replace customizing cars with a deep story

Im looking forward to the IGN review to see how much they downplay the game because of its 5 year wait ...

Dee_912782d ago

Yea i wanna see if they treat this like gt5
and take points off because of the 5 year wait

ShabbaRanks2782d ago

Fuckkkkkkk shift ... These guys are fucking assholes the size of a supernova ... Wtf seriously ? Do they even know what driver is about, and if they really wanted to go back to the roots of the franchise Miami was it. . . As for shift its just laughable. I was a big driver fan back in the day, but they keep fucking it up... Tanner R.I.P

JohnnyMann4202782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

Yeah the idea of being in a coma which means you are playing a dream is stupid. Why should anyone care if its a dream sequence. I hate the idea of skipping around in cars without actually doing anything.

It seems like the devs were lazy and turned it into a "feature"

Anyone else think that this sounds stupid?