NVIDIA SLI Support Returning To AMD Motherboards

Two NVIDIA GPUs will soon be usable in SLI mode on a range of upcoming AMD 990FX, 990X and 970 motherboards.

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AndyB2823d ago

Factual story with more info, rather than a troll story as on

fluffydelusions2823d ago

I game on PC/PS3 but in all honesty I don't see the point in such an elaborate setup anymore when nothing even makes use of it. I remember back years ago it was essential to have the latest hardware to game on but not now. Everyone thought Crysis 2 was going to be the one to do it but that certainly didn't happen. My laptop has an Nvidia 360M card which is nothing special and I can play everything out there.

fullmetal2972823d ago

I get what ya feeling. Seems like the only game really needed for SLI is Metro 2033.

da305kratos2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

@fullmetal- not even...i'm playing Metro on my desktop with a 5750(no OC) on the following settings just fine

Normal - AAA
DX11 - Tesselation on
~44 fps

I can lower the res to something like 1336x768 or something like it and put it on high and average about 32 fps...and thats with a card which you can now find at $80 or so...

I do hate you cant configure the game more :/

Check my screens on steam if you'd like
Steam ID: da305kratos88

or add me to game, got a few MP games

fullmetal2972823d ago

Really? I struggle to keep 30 frames at that resolution with my HD5850. Sounds like I need an upgrade. Definitely gonna be checking out the GTX 570 in the future.

Ranshak2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )


Are you sure Physx are disabled? that can really hog the CPU specially if you dont have a Nvidia GPU. Turn Physx off and tell us the rest of your settings.

da305kratos2823d ago

@fullmetal- check physx and also, hows ur CPU? I've noticed Metro is affected big time by your resolution too, bringing it down a bit and using 4XAA to clean the image might be ur best way to go..

fullmetal2972823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

My CPU is a Phenom x4 clocked 3.4ghz and I need to wait until Friday to pick up my PC and disable phsyx. Didn't know phsyx was on by default. I don't usually set my games x4 MSAA since it puts vice-grip on my video card's ball. Native resolution and x2 msaa is the sweet spot for me =)

Feel free to add me if you bother.

The my config is...
Phenom 720 4th core unlocked and clocked @ 3.4
HD5850 OC @ 755 mhz
4 gb DRR3
1tb 7200 HDD

BattleAxe2822d ago

You don't even need SLI for Metro 2033. I ran that game on max settings with x2 AA and it ran beautifully with my Intel i7 920/ Geforce GTX 260/ 6 Gigs DDR3

ATiElite2822d ago

any one playing games on multiple monitors and in 3D should have SLI or CFX unless you own a 590GTX or HD6990 which are two GPU's on one board.

people get so caught up in thinking no game uses all that power when in fact most games do require a lot of power especially when you play maxed out across 3 or 6 monitors with 3D or at 1600p resolution.

consoles barely manage 30 fps at 720p no AA which is good for some.

while PC's can do over 60 fps at 1600p across 3 or 6 screens maximum quality with 3D turned on which really enhances the gaming experience.

so in other words SLI and CFX and $700 graphics cards and $3000 PC's connected to $2000 worth of monitors have there place and uses just like $1 million cars.

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Ducky2823d ago

I think SLI/Crossfire is more useful in multi-screen setups.

Otherwise, there's not much reason to buy expensive cards when nothing out there really needs them.

ATiElite2822d ago

expensive cards do more than just platy games. PC's do more than just play games.

Most Simulator games require power if your playing it it's full potential across multiple monitors. Also expensive graphics cards also can convert video into different formats faster than any processor (except maybe a Core i7 2600k but that has a GPU built in it).

also Graphics cards can do a host of other applications thanks to GPgpu programming. i have a program that allows my graphics cards to help out with my anti-virus thus freeing up resources on my CPU.

ATiElite2822d ago

well try gaming on 3 monitors in 3D with your PC or try gaming on a 30" monitor at 1600p (HD TV 1080p consoles 720p high end PC 1600p) resolution in 3D then you'll understand the need for these elaborate set-ups that ALSO are used for other things than just games.

DeadlyFire2822d ago

Doesn't mean anything special to me. AMD isn't making that option. The distributors are adding it to their products. Its not uncommon for such a thing to happen. Since NVIDIA is making ARM CPUs I am expecting this to go the other way around on their boards as well at some point.

Giru0172822d ago

I'm thinking of SLI'ing 2 GTX 460 SE's (already have one) on a NVIDIA nForce 980a SLI chipset Mobo... would the performance increase be worth it/very notable? Sorry, I just don't know too much about SLI to be honest.