The Orange Box topples BioShock and Halo 3 on Metacritic

It was looking like it was going to happen, and now it finally has: Valve's The Orange Box has taken the top PC and Xbox 360 spots on game review site Metacritic.

It was a pretty easy call: jamming a lot of good games (Half-Life 2 and Episodes One and Two, Team Fortress 2, and Portal) in one nifty package is sure to make a lot of gamers (and game reviewers) happy. Destructoid's own reviews of the collection have been favorable as well, and compare to Metacritic's overall 97 out of 100 rating (both in PC and Xbox 360 categories).

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wangdiddy824019d ago

how is this game?? Its not another over rated fps game? Or is it actually good?

Kuest4019d ago

just like the rest of "those" games.

Passing the torch, man. Just passing the torch.

chester4019d ago

it's fantastic. a few technical issues to work out on the 360 but i'm sure it will be done soon. TF2 is a blast and portal, although short, is one of the most addictive games i've played in a long time. i haven't even had enough time for half-life 2 or the two episodes. great value

socomnick4019d ago

honestly orange box is cool but it is not better than bioshock it just isnt. Half life 2 eps 1 and eps2 were decent shooters not that great Portal was AMAZING and Tf 2 is kickass. so its pretty good overall.


LOL, If you don't even know what HALF LIFE is, don't bother.

It's just "another over rated fps game" thats about to go AAA. Do you *realize* that FPS games are the hottest selling game genre next to the most popular genre, sports ?!?

The last 2, (Bioshock & Halo 3), have been meet with AAA reviews. Your precious KZ2 is an FPS. If you don't like FPS, buy yourself a Wii & don't buy their best game, Metroid, because it is also an FPS.

Dpa4019d ago

Try telling a hardcore metroid fan that its an fps.

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nasim4019d ago

No it isnot as good as Bioshock

Raptors4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Nasim, I have never heard you say anything that was not dripping in fanboyism. It's good to see to see you put something that's fair. Obviously I know you love the PS3 and there's nothing wrong with that. Just don't go about it so arrogantly and annoyingly and I'm sure you'll have your bubbles back in no time. Bubble for you.

jay34019d ago

Oh crap, now I just know that this is the end of the world or something...

Jdash244019d ago

$60 for 5 great deserves it, im waiting for the ps3 version thou, but maybe rent it first on the main attraction to this deal is portal, i cant wait to try it out

eLiNeS4019d ago

For the Orange Box there are 99 achievements to unlock for a total of 1000 gamerscore points. Even if you're not an achievement whore, there still fun to get since it gets you to do things you normally wouldn't do in a game. I finished getting all the achievements for TF2 and almost have all for Portal, what a game! I completed Portal already but in order to get all the achievements for it they have you going back through 6 of the hardest levels and completing challenges either by speed, the least amount of steps or the least amount of portals. Take a look at some of these videos of what you have to do to complete a challenge

Marceles4019d ago

I guess especially if you haven't ever played Half-life 2, you won't have the same feeling you would have when it was first released, but the game is a classic. And Portal has turned out to be a surprise classic within itself. If you want to relive Half-Life 2, buy it. If you've never played Half-Life 2, buy it so you'll actually have an idea of why the game was praised as much as it was since it was released. And of course the other little episodes and just can't beat the value. I haven't played TF2 yet though since I've had it, and hearing about the lag problems makes me not want to play it more, but I'll probably jump into a game tonight.

Imalwaysright4019d ago

EA better not screw this game for Ps3.

crazy250004019d ago

dude this always pisses me off, EA being so damn stupid

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