The console war is over

Sony is going to be very hard-pressed to recover from the recent hacking of PSN. Financial costs and loss of customer loyalty mount every day the service remains down. After the way they tried to hide what happened, Sony may not be able to ever fix public perception of their company. This console war is over.

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jriquelme_paraguay2823d ago

"To the best of my knowledge, Xbox LIVE has never been down for more than a day or two and they have never been compromised like this."

Lol.. what about on Holydays 2007

Xander7562823d ago

You mean the time that LIVE was down for one weekend?

jriquelme_paraguay2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

no.. i mean something like THIS

Its funny read: "I am the "Xbox 360 Examiner" does not mean I am a fanboy."
Title is: "The console war is over"

The Console war only exist for Fanboys.

Anarki2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )


You just won an internet... Nice reminder to everyone.

P.S. Alexander. Go back to writing random fanboy articles, please.

sikbeta2823d ago

"You mean the time that LIVE was down for one weekend?"

quote again:

"To the best of my knowledge, [Xbox LIVE has never been down for more than a day or two] and they have never been compromised like this."


If the guy doesn't know that xblive was down at least once, he's either really young, or really new to gaming and if he wants to believe the console war is over, well, NINTENDO WON...

darthv722823d ago

it didnt bother me to much but there were others who swore up and down it would tarnish MS and people would jump ship and cancel memberships.

It came back up, MS gave away a game (undertow i believe) and people were back to playing online again.

This with sony is bad on the financial side but to think gamers are going to jump ship is an over exaggeration of the situation. There was a time before PSN and there were millions of happy gamers just playing games.

Sony will get this resolved and people will soon be back on and running and gunning like before. If somebody feels like their integrity and faith in sony has been compromised...go ahead and leave.

You wont be missed.

Mr_Bun2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

LOL @ Xander756
Ultra fail

Why is it that people are freaking out so much over this? XBL was down during the Xmas holidays, they've had an estimated 33% failure rate, and the number of exclusives is a fraction of what Sony is offering yet the Xbox brand still seems to be selling strong.

Strikepackage Bravo2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I think the reason so few people make a big deal about XBL being down that time is because

A. Microsoft was very communicative about the situation and what was going on.

B. It only effected most of us for about 2 days, I remember being able to do everything on live just two days after it all starting, and only reading about all these supposed folks who still were having trouble playing online for 5 days later.

Looking back I now think most of those folks were PS3 fanboys putting out misinformation.
Kinda like when we got a bunch of reports of the slim 360 getting RROD, only to later find that it was incapable of that LOL.

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Convas2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

That's two doom articles for the PS3 I've seen from Examiner in the past 3 days. I expect more.

ian722823d ago

Its like we've gone back in time to when PS3 first come out. Articles with PS3 Doooomed.

Quagland2823d ago

FFS, more rubbish from zealous keyboard warriors. Give it a few months and most people will have forgotten.

fluffydelusions2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Not even that long I suspect. Once PSN is back online it will be forgotten after a fews days by the majority of people. Once Sony starts showing those exclusives at E3 people won't care anymore.

NYC_Gamer2823d ago

everyone has right to opinion rather we all agree on the views or not

Mr Tretton2823d ago

Everyone has right to a stupid opinion, I agree.

disturbing_flame2823d ago

Man, just by saying you are not a fanboy it made me laugh.

Open your eyes son, it's about time now. Be smart only one time in your life.

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