Konami And Tri-Ace Have An Absolutely Gorgeous 3DS Title Up Their Sleeves

Gaming Union writes: "Beyond the Labyrinth is an absolutely gorgeous looking "dungeon exploring" title from publisher Konami and tri-Ace, developers of Star Ocean. Andriasang notes that early reports on the game suggest that it could be an RPG dungeon crawler - it's a rather pretty one if you ask me."

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eagle212729d ago

3DS is coming with it! E3 hurry up! :)

"Takayuki Suguro, who previously directed Resonance of Fate and Valkyrie Profile 2, is directing the affair."

AWBrawler2728d ago

Wow! this popped up out of nowhere! Looks pretty good

skynidas2728d ago

Actually this is looking kind of good but the 3DS is still not convincing me, I think i'll wait for the NGP

soren2728d ago

the hell kind of troll comment is that? who ask u why come in here to say u want a psp this is not a psp thread? and kind of good? but if it was on psp it would be amazing right get out troll

skynidas2728d ago

wtf? i just said that the 3ds isnt convincing me, i said the game looked good, i'm entitled to my own opinion, i'm not in any way trolling dude

Shackdaddy8362728d ago

@skynidas It's passive trolling and very obvious and annoying...

soren2728d ago

bring up the psp2? this is a 3ds game so a psp has no reason in this thread u said kind of good? wtf is kind of? the 3ds isent convening you? do u see me saying that on the psp threads? in fact i dont even go on there cus i know i dont give to shits about uncharted why let the world know that? to get ppl anoyed? think b4 u speak and get ur troll ass out of here

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The story is too old to be commented.