Capcom announces Okami for Nintendo Wii

Capcom has today announced that the fantastic Okami has been announced for the Nintendo Wii.

The action-adventure title was originally released for the Sony PlayStation 2 last year to great a great critical reception, so perhaps the firm's decision to bring it to Wii will be more fruitful given its successful first year.

Some of the title's gameplay mechanics will also work perfectly with the machine's motion sensing controls.

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PS3 Limps on and on4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

Give us next gen versions please... Don't be cheap.

Well, we can't forget that Okami bombed anyway. Games that bombed last gen seem to be getting another shot on Wii.

Manhunt 2 is another one.

Violater4072d ago

meaning less than stellar sales?
or was not a good game?

because one does not necessarily guarantee the other.

unsunghero284072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I disagree. A lot.

Seriously, Okami for the Wii is a perfect fit. Imagine doing everything you could do in Okami with a Wii remote...

In one word, wow.

Okami was an amazing game, and anyone who complains about it being given another chance to succeed clearly cares more about platforms more than games.

I'm kinda PSWii, so in some ways I can sympathize and others not so much. I think that, as corny as it's getting to say it, a great control scheme could be better than great graphics, and in many ways visual sheen does not excite me as much as the idea of using the Wii remote in Okami gameplay.

And regarding multiplatforminess... I think eventually, Capcom will flock to the PS3. What they need first is assurance that there will be an install base to buy the game, and until the PS3's big guns finally roll out in '08 I'm not sure that will happen. Capcom is a business, just like any other gaming company, so they're not going to risk a flop to satisfy the PS fanbase. Instead, I think we'll see Monster Hunter and Okami arriving on PS3 (in all their HD glory) when the system really takes off.

BISHOP-BRASIL4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )


I agree man, the brush thing fit with Wiimote, but on the sametime I understand Lorenzferus, Okami was all about the art style in it's brilliant graphics presentation, now just imagine it in full HD glory!

The problem is, any console now can't fit both things, then Capcom have to chose it, just like Monter Hunter (the first thing that comes to me when Wiimote was revealed was making your meal on Monster Hunter, this game has some mini games and battles with swords and all for the Wiimote). The problem is, it's pretty clear that Capcom have gone the easy way, it's not that Wii don't have the goodies, it's just that we, fan of both games (yes, I was feeling cheated on MH3, now I feel double cheated with Okami) was all PS2 owners, that most like will go for a PS3, and we want the good graphics also, not only the control news... My only complain here is, why they can't stick with that multiplatform policy that they was just talking about a week or two ago, and made those two games on both, PS3 and Wii, or even more consoles...

Edit: I'm talking more on MH case, it's a port, not a sequence to Okami, so PS3 isn't losting nothing, it's that old-gen game that I love, and that you can just put in your PS3 and play it upscaled (or not, 40gb anyone?)... But even for Okami 2, if it ever come, will most probably land on Wii, so is this my preocupation with Capcom, they are going all about the Wii, and it just make me feel cheated, since I buyed a PS3 for some of theyr sequences also... This guys can't just go multiplatform all the way or stick with a console brand?

THE_JUDGE4071d ago

generation will be able to appreciate this game anymore than those who had it on the PS2, in fact I will go out on a limb and say that the Wii sales for the game will be less than that of the PS2 version. One question though, is this a port or a new iteration? If its a port, its a waste of time, because the PS2 has a way larger install base and Capcom should be concentrating on making new stuff than old stuff for a new system.

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VendettaWFT4072d ago

You know whats sad too, a game this brilliant probably won't sell that well on the wii. I mean if 100+ million PS2 users wouldn't buy it in large sums whats to say 11 million Wii users are. Hopefully this game is opened for more people to enjoy.

cooke154072d ago

I remember when Okami was announced for PS2 a lot of Nintendo fans were clamouring for it to be on Gamecube, it would of done well on that system. Unique games tend to sell well to the Nintendo crowd.

Omegasyde4072d ago

I see that coming.

funny how the new "gamers" (the casual crowd)will be all amazed when in reality that game has been already released for the Ps2 or even the xbox 3-5 years ago.

By the time this "casual crowd" catches up, We will all be playing PS5 and XBOX 1080 while they drop their jaws for Motorstorm and Mass Effect.

squallsoft4072d ago

whats the deal with capcom? why no ps3 love?

PS3 Limps on and on4072d ago

It's all about money. Okami bombed in sales and the PS3 is expensive to develop for. And it's still building it's install base, not large enough yet.

Violater4072d ago

I see your intention now, carry on.

Ri0tSquad4072d ago

Its all about money. Seems like an easy port/cash in for Capcom.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4072d ago

Can you kindly stick up the Wii-mote up your Arse?

cooke154072d ago

it makes sense to put it on wii, it did bad on PS2, and the controller suits the game. Sorry fanboys but crying wont get you anything.

lonestarmt4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

wow. I loved okami. IT would have been cool to see okami 2 realized on the ps3.Okami seems like a good fit for the wii though. People who haven't played it who own a wii, do yourself a favor and pick it up when it comes out.

Still waiting for the groundbreaking game on the ps3, guess it comes in 1 day 11 hours and 20 mins......