Get SMART Series: General Gameplay

Bethblog: As the countdown to Brink’s release continues so does our Get SMART Series. Check out the General Gameplay tutorial above and you’ll feel like an expert on day one — or at least day two. Day one, you’ll at least feel extremely competent. Better than your friends, surely.

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Ducky2783d ago

No one-hit melee?

BeckyLikesChocolate2783d ago

when is the real us release date?

BeckyLikesChocolate2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

cool thanks. i kept seeing different release dates everywhere. looks like the best online shooter ever

zoks3102783d ago

Other than some animation issues evident in this video, i dont see any real reason why not to buy this game. Been waiting for it for over a year now.

ps3alldayeveryday2783d ago

This game is going to be AWESOME!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.