Are Console Games Dying?

Angry Birds says yes. Eurogamer investigates.

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fluffydelusions2783d ago

I don't get it. The article talked about certain publishers struggling with some games but all the games they mentioned sucked. So here is a pro tip...

1) Don't make crap games
2) Profit

Temporary_Name2783d ago

Angry Birds says yes.

Wii Fit says no! :P

TheDeadMetalhead2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Yes, console games would totally die because of crappy $1 flash games...

sikbeta2783d ago

Again comparing full retail games with a $2 game like Angry Birds? please...

StbI9902783d ago

Yet angry bird profit twice so facebook flash gaming, how life twist around eh?

sikbeta2783d ago

That's right, but that model consist in low budget production and low prices, making profit inevitable, while full retail games pushing consoles like we play, vary in budget production, but you can be sure it's quite a lot of money, considering the people who work to create those games, games designers, engineers, artists, mo-cap, scripts, voice overs, music, game engine, licenses and the time spent

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Ruggadagod2783d ago

you tell that to my ps3 exclusive game library that keeps growing every month.

darx2783d ago

Is that all you buy are exclusives?

theonlylolking2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

When some of the best games you can buy are exclusives why shouldn't you?

There are great multi platform games but having a game that is great and knowing that what you bought is the only thing you can get it on makes you feel like you made a good buy.(IMO)

I could not only play exclusives because mass effect and battlefield are games I have to play.

@the article

No, consoles are not dying. They just need improvements. I think that consoles GPU and RAM should be upgradeable like a PC's BUT all games must work for the original console that is not upgraded.

sikbeta2783d ago

Why you question that? what's the problem if he buys exclusive games? I do and not because I'm a fanboy, I do it because exclusive games define my console and give a purpose to my purchase, without exclusive games, there would be no point in having 3 consoles in the market competing for you money...

imvix2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


"I think that consoles GPU and RAM should be upgradeable like a PC's BUT all games must work for the original console that is not upgraded."

There are many reasons why this is not possible.

1. PC hardware sells in millions of quantity, its not just PC gamers that buy it, its the entire world. Hence the cost to produce these parts for the PC platform is low. To make specifically for a console would be like cattering to a very small demographic of people. Would you like to pay vastly higher prices for the Console counter parts plus pay a premium to Sony and MS? i dont think so. Look at how much more MS charges just for its HDS, just because they are designed for that form factor. There will be no competition to drive the prices of these parts down as there is on the PC.

2. Its common knowledge when a new GPU, CPU roles out if its more powerful it more then likely outputs more heat and requires more power. Console PSUs are designed to handle what was originally in the console they wont be spending so much to put expensive PSUs in consoles for future upgrades. They already make losses on the hardware hence they will never give parts that have extra juice on em. Nvm the heating issues you run into putting a more powerful chip into a closed box like a console.

3. Then there is the issue of most console gamers not being enough techinically inclined to upgrade hardware. If they were they would probably already be playing on PCs.

The list goes on. It would be extremely difficult to have a console being upgradable while having its platform specific parts (IE not having the same part as PC does) and since the market for it would be so small it looks impossible to happen.

Trunkz Jr2783d ago

lol @theonlylolking

If people could upgrade their consoles like a PC, why not just buy a PC and have it in your living room hooked up with a controller?

The reason why people like consoles is because they DON'T have to upgrade anything and can just play games when they come out.

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VampiricDragon_2783d ago

what a stupid article.

He rips off 1 game that sels and he knows everything

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