Despite PSN Woes, PS3 Will Bounce Back

Many gamers will admit that 2011 is a major year for Playstation. The announcement of NGP in conjunction with the unrelenting amount of exclusives for PS3 really highlight the fact that this really is the year of the PS3. My support for this argument wavered this week but I continue to realize that 2011 will be a massive year of growth for the PS3 as a platform. This week the PSN was cruelly attacked and rendered obsolete in comparison to the robust network which the Xbox 360 enjoys. PSN was entering a new realm of evolution as the network slowly began to prove a worthy competitor to Xbox Live, introducing many of the features which were prevalent on Live but at no extra cost to the consumer. PSN in conjunction with Playstation Plus really seemed to tip the balance in favor of Sony's offerings but unfortunately the house of cards collapsed. However, that house can be rebuilt to withstand the next inevitable attack.

PS3 will still bask in the glow of a banner year compared to other consoles and a price cut will launch sales through the roof. E3 is the stage and Sony needs some positive PR to reverse the situation. As soon as the newly rebuilt PSN triumphantly returns, the media will find another story to devour. The gaming industry cannot afford to lose Sony, either can gamers.

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fluffydelusions2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Of course it will. It has the best game lineup this year. Once this is over I think most people will forgot about it after a few weeks.

Dart892732d ago

2 weeks and i say everyone will forget about it.
Yes i'm sad that that psn was hacked but nothing is safe nowadays.

If i remember correctly didn't someone hack into the pentagon i believe back in 2001 just to see if ufos were real??I mean if that can be hacked anything can.

Updat8blogger2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Yes I completely agree with you.

The media loves to whip up a storm.

E3 will overrun this site with gaming goodness and this story will be nothing but a distant memory.

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xAlmostPro2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

The only people that wont forget about it is the 360 fanboys.

They'll use this for years, even though as soon as PSN goes back up with it's new even more secure network.

But hey they need it.. after all they can no longer use the "ps3 has no games".. "xbox 360 is outselling ps3" to name a few anymore. ;)

Let them bask

Capdastaro2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Just like RROD huh?

Seriously, you just sound like a douche.

2731d ago
xAlmostPro2731d ago

@Capdastro where did i say "just like RROD"..

Maybe you should re-read my comment instead of just the bits you wanted to see..

I was saying those things about the ps3.. i was saying 360 fanboys can no longer say those things(that they used to) so now they needed something new to say..

Nice try wise guy

TeCh772731d ago

I'll never forget about it. I may continue to play games since it's the only system I own, but, when the next Microsoft console comes out I'm going to the dark side. And until that happens I will never give my personal info to Sony again.

sourav932731d ago

I hope the hackers got your CC details! Quit being a douche...

supremacy2731d ago

Dark side?lol i thought that was Sony. Evident in even a multiplate game like soul calibur where we ended up with darth vader while they ended up with someone else.

TeCh772731d ago


You wish the hackers get my CC details, and I'm the douche? All because I'm not happy with Sony over this? LOL...such a child.

sourav932731d ago

Hey man all I'm saying is that this is a small speed bump in the awesome playstation freeway. No one is happy about this. But how much of it is Sony's fault? Yes maybe they didn't protect our information to the full extent but that is currently being investigated. The only fault I see is failing to notify us about this matter at an earlier stage.

What I found odd in you comment is that you said you'll never give Sony your info again. Actually, after this, sony would be the ideal company, as they've got new security measures which prevent such occurrences from happening again.

And why would you not forget this? Have you been significantly affected to make that statement? Are people applying for life insurance policies in your name? Or have you lost a chunk of your money due to CC fraud? Guess that's what pissed me off...didn't mean the CC stolen thing. Peace

MysticStrummer2731d ago

A brief jaunt into reality would show you how silly you sound. The freaking Pentagon has been hacked before, as have major credit card companies and internet giants like Amazon. Among the consoles, PS3 was secure for the longest time this generation, but if you want to overreact... see ya.

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Cosmit2731d ago

Yeah it will. This is definitely not a killer for any consoles.

2731d ago
Thoreau2731d ago

i believe that it will,too many great games. if sony did throw in the towel, i would retire from gaming.

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Dsnyder2731d ago

This wont stop it from taking the slim lead 360 has. 10 million head start couldnt even keep 360 on top for long.

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