Brutal Gamer: 5 Great PS3 Exclusives that don't need PSN

With PSN down, PS3 owners may be feeling a little glum. However, the PS3 has a deep library of exclusives that don't rely on the network. Brutal Gamer looks at 5 games which should keep your mind off all the shenanigans.

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Keats2728d ago

Also, Heavy Rain. Can't believe we missed that one :/

InLaLaLand2728d ago

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 and 4, maybe Kenzan (If you know Japanese).

JMyers2728d ago

God of War |||, Heavy Rain, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet and Demons' Souls

Keats2728d ago

Alot of Demons' Souls' magic is in its PSN connectivity. But GOW is a good one. This list could've been twice as long I think...

InLaLaLand2728d ago

Modnation Racers (Split screen), Yakuza 3 (above comment), Ninja Gaiden Sigma and 2, Rachet and Clank.

ian722728d ago

The first 2 games to come to mind are GOW3 and Heavy Rain, and both aren't on that list.