Is Anonymous Fighting For Gamers, Or Just Hackers?

Eric Galaviz reflects on the current PSN security breach, as well as the hacking group Anonymous' recent involvement in bringing down PSN and Sony's websites in response to Sony's suit against hacker George Hotz. What is Anonymous' goal in their attacks? They claim they are fighting for gamers, but do their actions actually harm gamers more than they help?

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Joni-Ice2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Just hackers! We don't need their help. PSN is down because of their so called help. You hackers helped enough. Stop it already.

movements2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

The group's confused and amazingly selfish, and out of control. It's a divided house without a leader, it cannot stand.

news4me2734d ago

It will stand though because their goals are nothing but self-glorification which they find somehow through making others miserable. It should be:

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We are douche bags.

FACTUAL evidence2734d ago

Anonymous doesn't know what they're fighting for anymore...they're know...there..

theonlylolking2734d ago

They will fall because they are prideful.

sikbeta2734d ago

That's right movements, so while the "anonymous group" come to say "PSN Attack Is A Crime To Make Money" the group itself cannot be sure if one or more of the members where behind this whole mess

Ocelot5252734d ago

Can't call them evil tough:

-they attacked Scientology many times
-attacked Iran
-helped wikileaks
-helped bring down the tunisian dictatorship
-idem egypt

malamdra2734d ago

who cares? soon they'll be fighting for not getting rape in the showers

gamingdroid2734d ago

I think it is short sighted to think "since it doesn't really affect me, and it prevents me from playing games, they aren't really fighting for me".

The fact is, plenty of our freedom is taken for given. US is the only country in the world I know of that has the "most" free speech. None of us today fought for that right. Yet we enjoy it almost on a daily basis! Especially us internet faring users. ;)

My point being don't just look at how it affects you immediately, but look at the other long term factors and how those might affect you as well.

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sikbeta2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

OK, If they're responsible for the security breach in PSN, explain how they're fighting for Gamers, if now all 77m PSN user accounts have their data compromised?

fedexas2734d ago

Exactly. Nobody needed their help. Nobody asked for them to fight for so-called rights to begin with.

They only cared about themselves, not about gamers.

FFXI1012734d ago

They weren't helping anyone, not even themselves at this point.

If they mean what they said about helping people or gamers, they should have thought better before they lunch an attack on Sony's website and maybe the PSN.

CarlosX3602734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Indeed, a bunch of hackers.

I also feel they're very confused about their goals.

I was offended when they said "We're your friend."

Anonymous you're not our friend, you certainly are not MY friend. You ruined my console.

We never asked for your help.

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Kran2734d ago


Most of us gamers hate hackers. So why on earth would they be trying to help us? They seem to think what they want is what we want, when it's not. What they have said is what they think is right, not what is right, which is why wearing masks and shiz to conceal your identity is just a pointless act of just saying: "This is what I think. I stand by it- PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!"

HeretoSpeakTheTruth2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

the point is annoymus was never fighting for us gamers they where fightng for themselves what have they done that any one would say the where fightng for us

heres some small points 1. they hacked the PSN they made all sony Websites slow and we couldnt use them these wasnt along ago most of us should remember

2. they said if sony does sue gehot they well make sony pay ( making websites slow most recent the attack on the PSN its been down for week and sony is still trying to get it back)

3. death threats to sony

( finding where they live finding there home address where there kids go to school making videos about attackin sony and many more Annoymus is against gamers)

Silly gameAr2734d ago

I don't remember asking from their help in the first place. :/

theherp802734d ago

exactly. thats the point made in the article too. gamers don't want their help with anything.

ncstatefan9532734d ago

I don't know how they could consider what they are doing helpful to gamers.

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