90 Facts about Guild Wars 2

Covering topics as important as death/leveling to as miniscule as the dye system. All of this has been covered and our site has found out great information about the game. Most of this stuff still gets viewed on a daily basis, but it is time that it gets organized in a nice article and allow you to refer back to it at any point. So if you get into a nerd debate, you can pull up the facts and tell them to stfu.

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hobohunterz2730d ago

So excited for this game, it will probably be the only MMO talked about when it comes out haha

a08andan2730d ago

"17. The professions aren’t dedicated healers, DPS, or tanks because they built a combat system that doesn’t allow it."

This is whats gonna make Guild Wars 2 outshine them all. At least for me^^ I am SO SICK of specific roles, I want to be able to swiftly do whatever the event demands of me. I don't want to perform a specific role.

Shani2730d ago

That is nice specific list of all the details.
Nice read.