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WhiteNoise2733d ago

I honestly couldn't give a F anymore.

Dungeon Siege 3 looks amazing. Has co-op, offline SP. Better graphics and has Chris Taylor making sure all is up to snuff.

Blizzard is just activision jnr these days. Expect an 8 hr campaign and online only PVP with no lan or other game modes....oh and DLC....did I mentioned the PC version of Diablo 3 will likely cost $60.......yeah Blizard has AIDS, best to steer clear.

joydestroy2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

not so sure i'd be betting on DSIII. i'm looking forward to it and hope it's not full of bugs and done right. i'm expecting it to be crap but hoping for the best

sounds like DiabloIII will be out sometime next year.

lastdual2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I definitely expect bigger things from Diablo 3, although I'm sure DS3 will be fun as well.

Still, Torchlight 2 is my most anticipated in the near-term, seeing as the "home stretch" for Blizzard may still mean quite a while.

In any case, it's a good time to be a fan of dungeon crawlers.

Spinal2733d ago

Diablo 3 > Dungeon Siege 3.

I'll be waiting for this game alright.

joydestroy2733d ago

Diablo III is the original reason i built a rig lol
def looking forward to it. have been for a few years now.

tdrules2733d ago

you know nothing about Blizzard games, go away

Perjoss2733d ago

@ WhiteNoise

are you serious?

STK0262733d ago

I sure hope you enjoy your Fable 2-like co-op in DS3.

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Darkseeker2733d ago

"Activision's last financial report there was no Blizzard title down for a 2011 release"

The Blizzard release sheet that was leaked would like to disagree.

Darkfiber2733d ago

"Leaked" release sheets mean nothing. I could make one up and put it on N4G. Besides, Blizzard isn't exactly known for keeping their original release dates... That means absolutely nothing.

Darkseeker2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Diablo III is coming before SC2 HoS and this one is coming in 2012.

Doesn't matter what anyone says, the diablo 3 beta is around the corner, the release of the game is gonna be a few months after.

Starcraft 2 beta lasted like 4 months or so because they were also testing 2.0, but with diablo 3, there is no need to test 2.0 because it's alreasy up and running, so expect a shorter beta and the game to come out soon after.

Lone_Star2733d ago

Bring this to consoles so I don't have to buy a new PC!!!

fullymoated2733d ago

Please do NOT bring this to consoles!!! I will use my console for 99% of my gaming, and I will get a slight PC upgrade just for this game.

Darkfiber2733d ago

Well duh, it's not like they are getting further away from finishing it...

JsonHenry2733d ago

Yeah, it is "done" but they won't release it for 2 more years. :/

Perjoss2733d ago

Different devs have different definitions of the word 'done'. That's why there are so many buggy and very short games released these days. Blizzard does tend to hold onto game a little too long but i think i prefer it that way. I actually like it when my favorite franchises DONT release every year.

Nothing wrong with a nice big gap between sequels to build a bit of anticipation. People might look at CoD very differently if it was only released every 3 to 4 years and with a longer campaign.

JsonHenry2733d ago

Perjoss... you obviously don't see a joke when you read it.

Perjoss2733d ago

yep, im not very good at this humor detection stuff, I do much better when i can see the expression on the persons face :) (then you can laugh even though you dont find it very funny, you know, just to be polite and stuff)