GameOn: Mortal Kombat Xbox 360 Review

If you were a fighting game fan back in the early 90's you belonged to one of two camps. For those that were precision based, technical fighters there was Street Fighter, and for those who were interested in pick up and play gore filled fun there was Mortal Kombat. Fast forward 19 years to now, Super Street Fighter IV dominates the fighting game market as one of the best, if not the best fighting game around. Whilst Street Fighter released successful games one after another Mortal Kombat went a very different way. They released some great games, Deadly Alliance and Deception for example but unfortunately, there were also some crap games too. The most recent being Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, its only real connection to Mortal Kombat being the characters. Here we are now though with the reboot to the series called simply, Mortal Kombat. A game which promises to return to its roots and do what it does best, gory brutal fun

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limewax2757d ago

go play it, then your opinion may be valid, did you stop to think that theres a few reasons this is doing so well in reviews? to name one, Ed Boon?

Your trolling needs a lot of practice buddy

antauwnehart2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Wow 8 desagrees and 1 reply and not one valid reason why it deserves higher than a 3/10. I'm tired of posting the reasons why it fails oh well I'm not buying this crap!

swishersweets200312757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Here is what i think of your reasons for hating MK.


1. The graphics are on par with alot of games out on the market.. Did you expect a turn of events in gamming history here?
2. I dont think the fatalities are gimped.. and what does 3d have to do with the fatalities.. most are on par from the past and some are very awsome.
3. I personally like the art direction they went with this game. Most people do, i find the games look fits just right.
4.Cross over characters? are you seriously bitching about the fact they put kratos in one version over the other. and the avatars in king of the hill are cool to look at.
5. The super meters dont allow"noobs" to win all the time. IF you loose you loose, doesnt matter how, you lost. Thats like saying Street fighter people who do the super attacks and super moves are total looser little bitches.. C'mon stfu by now.
6. Terrible story.. Im thinking when you said before you were a MK fan but i highly doubt that. If you actually played the game you would know the reboot starts because they did a back to the future move and went back in time to change current events. It is a reboot.. and the story was really cool.. if you can tell me a fighting game with a better story i'd like to know.
7. The combos are cool to me, it made me feel that MK fighters were actually fighting instead of the old style sweep sweep sweep uppercut shit and jump kicking all the time. They are not overly complex so anyone can pick up and play, but if you get good you can string together some really cool moves and juggles, just get a little creative. The damage models is a welcome addition, It felt like finally my guy is getting ripped up.
8. The boss characters feel exactly like they used to feel from the Mk1,2,3 days. Hard and over powered lol enless you spam the same move with certain guys they are easy. They havent changed and its cool to me.
9. What did you get your tampon in your ass today? The mk girls are awsome. Video game vixens are supposed to be sexy and slutty. what the hells wrong with you?

maxmill2757d ago

street fighter sux

mk all day