Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2007-10-08/ 2007-10-14 and Sales

Console :
PS3 : 7~8k
360 : 7~8k
DSL : about 80k
PSP : about 70k

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wil4hire4018d ago

Whenever a data sheet says "ABOUT." I throw it away.

ruibing4018d ago

Agreed, these are really rounded out numbers.

nasim4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

The real numbers are here.

DSL 80000
PSP 69000
Wii 24000
PS2 12000
PS3 8400
360 7100

ps3 = 8400 x360 =7100

NOTE :_ ps3 is getting a price cut so people refrained from buying the ps3 last week. ELITE was launched last week

SUPER CORRECT numbers directly from SINOBI
ps3 = 8400
x360 = 7100

However these are FAMITSU numbers . Also note people knew that a price drop would be in effect FROM TODAY(17th OCT) in JAPAN so many refrained from purchase. The x360 surge was due to THE LAUCNH OF ELITE --which sold among some foreigners. However expect x360 to drop to 2--3k next week and ps3 rise to 25k --50k next week. ...SINOBI said that ps3 and x360 were at 8000 + and 7000 respectively.

wait for MEDIACRATE numbers. I think x360 sold around 5k rather than 7k . FAMITSU tracks 40% of retail stores. MEDIACRATE tracks 60% of retail stores

wageslave4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Those numbers are VGchartz repeating FAMITSU and other industry analyst's numbers. Read the article.

kewlkat0074018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

can't we wait till after new years for these?

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power of Green 4018d ago

PS3 sells wil rise due to the drop.

360 sales will be much better from its past sluggish ass whooping due to the Elite and some games the Japanese want to play on the 360.

wil4hire4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Hate to break the news. Considering the ps2 had 40 million by the two year mark Worldwide. The 360 by far is no where near 'winning' a console war, especially with the new competition so CLOSE in sales.

God I love owning bots.

Bloodmask4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

You do realize that the Xbox 360 hasn't even been out 2 years yet.

kewlkat0074018d ago

wil4hire "11 million units in 3 years is pathetic."
God I love owning bots.

HAHAaaaa you call that owning? or just a retard, that can't get simple facts straight?

nobizlikesnowbiz4018d ago

I love when douchebag's own themselves. You fail wil4hire.

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PS3 Limps on and on4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

this 7-8k is part Halo 3 mania in Japan along the launch of a new sku.

Don't get arrogant over this, and it's cool. You get arrogant then you leave people no choice but to remind you how small that really is.

wageslave4018d ago

Good news that Sakaguchi-san's Lost Odyssey is shipping at the start of December.

That should see another nice bump.

nobizlikesnowbiz4018d ago

Didn't you 'go green'? Or was that just a ploy to get attention?

razer4018d ago

You are right those numbers are small and says bad things about the PS3 because this is Sony's home and the price is already dirt cheap in Japan.. It's just not selling.. I think it's a a HUGE feat for the 360 to match any of the Wii or PS3's numbers considering it's like the red-headed stepchild in Japan.

PS3 Limps on and on4017d ago

I wonder what will happen when it reaches the price of XBOX 360 in Japan.

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goodganja4018d ago

These number seem to be inaccurate. There's no way in hell 360 is matching PS3 in numbers in Japan. Where is my boy nase so he can confirm this.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

predator4018d ago

well there are reports of the ellite selling out in japan so numbers can be true

goodganja4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Thanks Nasim. I knew you would come through on delivering accurate numbers that Xbots believe to be blasphemy. Bubbles for you!

But it's the truth and Numbers dont lie. PS3 Outselling 360 WORLDWIDE with America being the exception.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

nobizlikesnowbiz4018d ago

LOL. Your such a disguised 360 fanboy it's ridiculous. Your doing a great job making yourself look like a fool.

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