Naughty Dog: 'PS3 Jaw-Dropping In A Few Years'

NowGamer: "Speaking exclusively with Play Magazine, Lead Designer on Uncharted 3 predicts the best is yet to come for PS3. PlayStation 3 will be 'put to jaw-dropping use in the next few years', Naughty Dog's Richard Lemarchand has told Play..."

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Mr_cheese2730d ago

Naughty Dog got bigger plans have they? They're truly a great studio. Lets give the dog a bone

TimmyShire2730d ago

They're definitely one of the *ahem* big dogs of the industry. Always interested to see what they're up to.

Mr_cheese2730d ago

They're definitely *ahem* The alpha dogs....:D

Troll_Police2730d ago

That's why we call them the Naughty Godz because they are the Gods of game development.

fluffydelusions2730d ago

leaders of the pack for sure

WhiteNoise2730d ago Show
BiggCMan2730d ago

Well, ignoring this asshole above me. Remember that God of War 2 came out nearly 8 years into the PS2 life cycle. I have no doubt that some other game will blow us all away even more than Uncharted 3 by the time 2013 hits. It may be from Naughty Dog, it may be from Rockstar, who knows? All I know is that new consoles are not necessary at this point in time. Sure they aren't as powerful as a few computers out there, but that has always been the case for consoles. They are not competing with the PC platform, so there is no need to try and surpass them. You PC only gamers think graphics are everything, well when you get games with such amazing stories like Metal Gear and Uncharted, then you can start talking. The fact is, when you own a PS3, you get nearly everything available to you, something to fit everyones taste.

inveni02730d ago

From anyone else, I'd be skeptical. But if ND says it, then I believe them. No one has tapped the PS3 like ND.

I'm loving this gen.

Mr Tretton2730d ago

"Remember that God of War 2 came out nearly 8 years into the PS2 life cycle."

No, it was a little over 6 years.

PS2 released in late 2000, GOW2 released in early 2007.

darthv722730d ago

Generally speaking, if you look back at previous console generations. The best games visually have been at or near the final run of the systems. It is by then that they have things figured out and developers know what they can and cant do.

There are several great games on all the older platforms that seemed to rival even some that were coming out on the next gen system at the time. What ND is saying is true. We are not only going to see the best that PS3 can offer but also the 360 and quite possibly the Wii.

Uncharted 3 looks amazing right now just as Gears 3 (even in multiplayer beta) looks better than the first when it came out over 5 years ago. Its the same hardware running those games as it was running Uncharted 1 and gears 1. The developers just get better at understanding how these things work.

evrfighter2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

lol ND must believe in fairies and the easter bunny also.

no amount of wishful thinking is going to change the memory limitations of the ps3.

unless he meant jaw dropping one way hallway with a fixed camera...I can see that happening.

The DLC could be a right turn or maybe a fork in the hallway where you get to choose your path!

the_best_player2729d ago


You can't really compare gears to uncharted cause gears has not had big jumps like uncharted has.

I would compare gears changes to a game like COD (small tweaks)

kikizoo2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Evrfighter, even uncharted2 is jaw dropping, especially for a xbox fan like you who don't have a single game close to that.

@you are right "the best player", everybody knows that gears is close to the first one, when uncharted, 2, and 3 are a real big jump...but it's logicaln everyone knows that ps3 is harder to deal with, but much more powerfull (especially the cpu).

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Optical_Matrix2730d ago

To hear a PC gamer call someone a narrow minded fool is beyond ironic. PC elitists discuss me. Yourself included WhiteNoise.

I look forward to seeing what ND do in the future. Who knows what will happen.

InLaLaLand2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Fanboys from every platform should STFU about pixels and stop getting boners over pixels./rant

If the game has a fun co-op experience like Uncharted 2 I will be happy and enjoy it. Hopefully it is four people in Uncharted 3 than three in Uncharted 2 and more Survival modes, Siege was fun.

Double_Oh_Snap2730d ago

Naughty dog are amazing developers crash was first psone game I played an absolutely loved the others. Jak and Daxter is also a awesome series I love all three. Uncharted well that is my favorite franchise an game character in Nathan Drake.

Convas2730d ago

Good to know that theirs still much planned for the PS3 in the coming years. Mine will be ready, waiting for whatever catches my eye!

miyamoto2730d ago

the PS3 has more life to it just as planned. I will never trade it for any other console. PS3 graphics put a smile in my face every time I turn it on on my 46" TV.

koehler832730d ago

"In the next few years" is not "In a few years"

Burning_Finger2730d ago

A new IP would be nice.

Save Uncharted 4 for the PS4.

cpt_kaos2730d ago

Hell yeah could you imagine an Uncharted 4 bundle at the launch of the PS4 it would be EPIC and I'll be camping at EB's midnight launch for that.:)

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