Unreal Tournament III Deadly Duel Demo Gameplay

It's a one-on-one fight to the finish with all the finest weaponry you can get your hands on!

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Ps3Fanboy7774071d ago

Couldnt help but notice bullet lag online though. Hopefully that will get worked out, had a very GeoW feel to it unfortunately..

Graphics are great, gameplay is UT, fun game. Glad I have a PC and a Ps3.. Have a 360 but its irrelavant for this game. This might be the 1st game that actually sucks on the 360 but is good on Ps3. Mainly due to maps, I imagine 360 will come no where close to Ps3 version let alone PC version

okcomputer4071d ago

Not meant as a personal knock on you, but I freaking hate when people say ut3 looks like gears or takes anything from gears. Unreal has had that look WAY before gears was even released. Get it straight people, gears borrows from unreal, not the other way around. If you forget, just remember that Gears is played on the UNREAL engine.

Fezthebest4071d ago

I totally agree the Worg guy sucsk at that game, maybe new. OH and yeah Worg got one kill

Bazookajoe_834071d ago

The one who disagreed with me must really suck =)

HarryEtTubMan4071d ago

Gonna be Gears x10 on steriods... just better because it a FPS

romemac74071d ago

can't wait to have this game in my head. the graphics look grant and the game play look grant to, looking like a grant ps3 game so far. also to ps3fanboy777 about the game going to have more map and overall better on the ps3 then 360 i have to say yea your right!!!

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