LOVEFiLM issues email to customers following PSN outage

STN Writes:

LOVEFiLM has started emailing customers following the PSN outage, reassuring people and apologising for the lose of service on your PS3.

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Tru_Blu2757d ago

What is this a psn porn service?

siyrobbo2757d ago

uk equivalent to netflix

Tired2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I'm a member I like them, they send out blu-rays and games and stream films online but their interface's easier looking online in a browser to decide what you want to watch.
trying to scroll through any lists on the ps3 leaves you tearing your hair out.

I also don't believe for a second they are as frustrated as me....I haz trophies to sync dammit!

Shazz2757d ago

wish they would allow xmb while watching films its only app on ps3 that doesnt allow it so its very annoying

antauwnehart2757d ago

so where the love from love film on the 360 and wii?hum must be timed exclusive or I guess these guys dont like money.

guigsy2757d ago

Pretty sure it's coming. There's rumours that Netflix might be expanding to the UK though so Microsoft and Nintendo could just be waiting for that.