South Australian AG supports an R18+ classification

South Australian Attorney-General, John Rau, has delivered some welcoming news for Australian gamers today, pledging his support for the Australian Federal Government’s national push to introduce an R18+ classification for games.

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iamnsuperman2732d ago

It is kind of silly they don't. Its like have a no 18 category for films....

"refuse classification for any game deemed inappropriate for public consumption". In a way I hope this doesn't mean any violent game but it means the obvious inappropriate games, like you rape people and games like that

hyp3rstrike2732d ago

The thing about those games is, they wouldn't be allowed into the country anyway. The predecessor to John Rau quite frequently cited examples of these games, despite the fact they were neither sold nor obtainable within Australian retailers.

LoneWanderer092732d ago

Why did M games get banned from there in the first place