MS: XBL security "our highest priority"

Worried about your Xbox Live personal data? Don't be. Microsoft has moved to reassure its customers concerned about the protection of their data following the PlayStation Network hack that has seen personal details tied to some 77 million accounts stolen.

Microsoft told Eurogamer that "the security around our Xbox Live service and member information is our highest priority," but refused to comment further on the crisis that has afflicted Sony PlayStation. There are over 30 million registered Xbox Live accounts around the world.

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Vega752733d ago

they better take a long look at whats going on with sony and start investing more money into their security. else they will be the next.same for other companies.

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Bigpappy2733d ago

Sound like you don't think XBL is secure enough. Tell that to Valve and EA. They have been trying to get more access to XBL for a while now. M$ has been very tight-assed about XBL from the time they started the service and is even that way today. Live is a closed a system as you will find out there. Everything on the system is custom built and controlled. M$ does not have a browser on XML for this same reason.

Scary692733d ago

They could think they have things tight, but it only takes someone who knows what they are doing to break into the system. I do not think anything is 100% secure never has been and NEVER will be. MS better not push he wrong buttons because you piss a hacker off and all they want to do is prove them MS wrong.

gamingdroid2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Nothing is un-hackable unless you put a computer in the basement where it has no contact with the outside world. The question is only how much is your data worth!

I vaguely remember hackers exploiting Xbox Live to get unearned achievements, free games, and even pre-release games (Halo: Reach?).

So people have attempted to hack Xbox Live for years, even go as far as try "social engineering" to great success where one of the Xbox Live admin accounts where compromised due to a third party.

If you loose your own sh!t, that's your problem. You loose others sh!t and you will find yourself in a very costly pickle.

ComboBreaker2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Microsoft (while trying to keep a straight face): "XBL security our highest priority, which is why we have decided to hike the price of Xbox Live once more, for umm... security upgrades, yeah... security upgrades..."

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Scyrus2733d ago

you know, what ever MS says, that doesnt change that they havve BEEEEEEN hacked far before sony.

I had customers at game crazy complaining their card info was stolen and whole accounts taken.

one customer was charged over 2000$.

so just because its their supposed highest priority doesnt mean it hasnt happened. because it has many times.

psn is just feeling it more because everone knows about it due to the PSN being down.

come on, even xbox's president got his live account stolen, so seriously people, grow up, its not sony or MS's fault, it happens to every company, the fbi, banks and *Gasp a videogame company. its the age of the internet, it happens

KDubyah2733d ago

Two things I wanna touch up on .. If we on the same subject.
1.) It wasn't the 'president' it was Major Nelson.
And, his account wasn't hacked 'on' xBox Live, but from his website.
2.) There is a difference between people giving out information ..
And, having your account hacked from xBox Lives servers.
And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard bout Live being hacked.

Scary692733d ago

@ Scyrus

Could not agree with you more, too many people on N4G are just delusional and always think it cannot happen to them. If MS keeps assuming that their system is very secure there is always someone out there who is willing to prove them wrong.

nickjkl2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

i know cant be hacked twice now
or have the director have his account hacked!5504145...

no_more_trolling2733d ago

this sums up how accounts get stolen off xbox live

"i need help i was playin mordern warfare 2 when a guy asked me if i wanted 10th pretige i said yes and gave him m account details and then he told me to go ofline then come on in 10 mins and when i went to recover it he had changed the password so i made a new account and sent a friend request to my old account then the person acepted it i was in a party with him and he said my brother gave it to me i said but it was mine he said i will ban ur xbox from live if u accuse me from stealing ur account his friend is trying to get it back for me "


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kyl2772733d ago

At least they have their priorities right.

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mrv3212733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Yeah... your right.!2458...

Yes 70 million is a massive breach, it's a huge concern for everyone but more people have been hacked on Windows, a Microsoft product. I'm not saying Sony is right and Microsoft is wrong but everyone gets hacked. Microsoft more so than most ( because Windows is popular ) I got 4 disagrees... why? The article is true, relates to the story.

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mrv3212733d ago

Ubuntu is an open platform it hasn't been hacked, servers use a linux for the most part, I'm sure Sony's does... which is an open platform.

Halochampian2733d ago

MRV shows that he knows little to nothing about what he is talking about.

BlackKnight2733d ago

Comparing an OS to an Online gaming network.

N4G kids, they think they know everything about technology since they bought a damn console...


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Daver2733d ago


you are kidding right? Sure microsoft will say that now that a competitor servers have been hacked... wake up little boy....

Troll_Police2733d ago

I can see this as a reason to raise the price to play online again.

user8586212733d ago

I can see psn costing money due to

how much it'll cost them to rebuild it
reimburse psn plus users
developers that were ment to have content out this week
lawsuits etc..

antauwnehart2733d ago

lol imagine that + bubbles!:)

antauwnehart2733d ago

For $60 a year it better be!

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