Chaos Rings Omega Reveal Trailer Released

JI writes: "Chaos Rings Omega is a prequel to Chaos Rings, an iOS RPG from the developers of WIld Arms, which made waves when it released on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (and iPad 2). This iOS prequel will also be released on these platforms next month. A Sequel to Chaos Rings titled Chaos Rings 2 will also be released in the future."

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Drjft2783d ago

Gotta love those RPG games :)

Hitman07692783d ago

Definitely. This is an impressively full scale release for the iOS. I wonder how much further the iOS will go with the next generation of units.

Kreyg2783d ago

Especially Japanese ones

SpaceSquirrel2783d ago

Looks great. I loved the Wild Arms series so I have high hopes for this one