Top Halo Teams Wins $100,000

Top Halo 2 team Final Boss won the MLG 2007 National Championships in Las Vegas without dropping a single game. They netted $100,000 for the accomplishment. Excellent write-up includes final-match analysis and photos/media.

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socomnick4022d ago

Thats alot of cash for playing a game.

nobizlikesnowbiz4022d ago

Yea I wish I could get payed money to do something I love...

FirstknighT4022d ago

You know that these guys, Final Boss, is under contract for a cool million dollars. They can only play in MLG events. This is what I love about Halo! You get intense competitive play. Not many other FPS out there on a console is competitive like this.

Firewire4022d ago

So they beat Carbon!

Damn I was going for Carbon, I like underdogs.

Spinitus4022d ago

i guess FB did the right thing by dropping Saiyan for StrongSide. Oh and Halo 2 is better than Halo 3 gameplay wise.

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