THQ to develop new games using Nintendo characters?

THQ has struck a deal with Nintendo allowing them to make games featuring Nintendo's intellectual property.

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PS360WII4020d ago

Great goggly mook! Well that's a rather big rumor. Nintendo is rather protective over its IP's. Wow I wonder what THQ said to them to get this deal if true

BrotherNick4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Way to get third parties to work for them.

Brainiac 84020d ago

But Nintendo has been known to commission other companies to make franchises using their characters. Just look at the Mario Party games, which are done by Hudson, and Mario Hoops 3-on-3 for the DS was made by Square Enix.

I don't find it that odd at all.

ItsDubC4020d ago

Ya I was amazed to discover that SquEnix developed Mario Hoops. And then when I thought it couldn't get any more weird, this:

Devr4020d ago

Maybe THQ will make the crappy spin-offs now and Nintendo will focus on new IP's? Hey, I can dream.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4020d ago

I heard about this a long time ago, but it was only going to be for gba games I thought... Oh well as long as they are not like going to be like those CDI games...

djt234020d ago

i just hope they make a good game