Tales of the Abyss 3DS Trailer Released

JI writes: "Tales of the Abyss on the Nintendo 3DS is the latest title in the Tales series to head into gamers' hands (again). The game was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 for Japan then later 2006 for North America. In this trailer released for the title we get a sneak peek at the game's look, theme, and premise of the game."

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Kreyg2732d ago

I understood everything said in that trailer...with the exception of everything.

SpaceSquirrel2732d ago

Never played the PS2 version. I hope Namco brings it to the US.

Hitman07692732d ago

Too bad the 3DS has region lock or people could import this. They will have to wait for an NA release now unless they own multiple units. I do think they will bring it over though eventually.

Drjft2732d ago

Looks interesting considering I've never heard of it before.

Jack-Pyro2732d ago

This was possibly the last Great Tales Game....

Don't get me wrong, Vesperia was good....and Dawn of the New was there....

But there's something about Abyss that just puts it ahead in my opinion, maybe it was because the Characters were more interesting....or the story more original, but Abyss was just awesome, it'll certainly become a fan fave on the DS =)

That said....I'm a little surprised they ported Abyss instead of porting Symphonia....which was the better game and was on a Nintendo system already....

Redempteur2732d ago

i know the feeling ...

the first to have free roam , the size of the world ( and th enumber of quest just to stabilize the economy ).. how the hero behave untill the end of part 1...

and of course the ennemis ( sync is probably my favorite vilain from this game ) ..

The FONIM system was really fun to experiment with too

i do remember this little spellcaster girl , fighting on top of a GIANT doll capable of clase combat going rom a cute smile to a "i'll kill you all "if you don't have money ..

ahhhh fun times wonder i've completed it so much

StbI9902732d ago

ToS > ToA, simple as that.

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