World of Warcraft: Ragnaros Returns

IGN UK writes: While most World of Warcraft: Cataclysm players are eagerly adventuring through Patch 4.1 which just hit Blizzard Entertainment's servers, Blizzard is hard at work making sure that there is always plenty more content in the pipe. We caught up with the developer to talk about what comes next -- patch 4.2.

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undercovrr2827d ago

well I guess Blizzard has run out of new bosses to put in

admiralthrawn872827d ago

lol no. i guess nintendo ran out from the beginning with bowser. i guess Glados shouldnt have made a return in portal 2. people are overly critical of WoW and Blizzard lately

STK0262827d ago

Ragnaros is a great boss and has an important place in the WarCraft lore; plus we only killed his avatar in vanilla WoW.

And anyway, I'd rather have a developer recycle bosses that make sense rather than one who creates new bosses that look awful and out of place in the game's universe.