Editorial: The Upside of PSN's Downtime - GamePro

The PR disaster that is Sony's handling of the PSN outage is, of course, a very bad thing. But there's a side-effect to such outages that is often welcome.

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ionlyneedonebubble2735d ago

No, I would rather talk. Go buy a mic and help your team.

sycnation2735d ago

The upside to PSN's downtime. FAMILY
this magical device we used to hold dearly before the advent of internet called television.
charging my controllers
borrowing my games to fellow gamers who only have MP online
reading great articles such as this
Writing comments such as this



WhittO2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

^^ That sounds like a quote from Terminator 3 *Pukes

sycnation2735d ago

we are the gamers dude!
we are the resistance!

if you don't like T3-cool

its just to point out that we are the game
we are the gamers
we are the network...of gaming

i dont know how else to explain my love for gaming and the stance i have on being a voice that advocates something other than "online" gaming.

long live the gamer.

WhittO2735d ago

^^ lol....we are borg?

XRider2735d ago

Is this guy a single console owner ot something? Wait I didn't see the GamePro part in the title. One would figure with the money they have they could afford to buy a Wii, 360 or PC for their staff.

SlickShoes2735d ago

Im sick of articles tell me what i should do because PSN is down.

Single player games are fine but i prefer multiplayer.

Many people play multiplayer games because they are a cheap form of entertainment. Not everyone can afford to be going out all the time.

I have been out in the sun, I have went for a meal, went to the cinema, went to the gym, went for a run, walked the dog countless times, watched TV, read a book, done some work from my work whilst at home. I am still wanting to play online games to pass some time in a relaxing and competitive fashion.

If you could not play any single player games for weeks on end im sure people that don't enjoy multiplayer would be annoyed too.

Playing X game online costs me nothing, if i go out with friends it costs money, generally doing anything other than watching TV will cost you money.