Why the PSN Is Down - IGN

IGN explores the true nature of Sony's PlayStation Network outage. Who could have been responsible? We name names.

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zeksta2823d ago

Wow.. IGN are just really trying to go all out on the Sony Hate and reporting on this crap.. :/


That is why I consider Gamespot more worth it. They don't create Flamebaits, and even the reviews are a lot better than IGN.

Istanbull2823d ago

There is this guy who puts IGN and all the other big sites on their place: 2L0KmY

Skip to 3:50, he says the truth. IGN are nothing more then childish fanboys irritating the already irritated PS3 users.

Soldierone2823d ago

IGN covers PS3? I thought it was a Microsoft site for the longest time.... lol

jaosobno2823d ago

IGN is nothing but microsoft subsidiary. They have proven it countless times. This is just one of the numerous evidences. It is certainly not the first and certainly not the last one they will present.

Chaos692823d ago

Wow, did any of you fanboys even watch the video, it's only 30 seconds? You guys need to chill the f*** down.

FishCake9T42823d ago

Dude this was meant to be funny. Get a sense of humour. Theres is a lot of stuff worse going on in the world than PSN being down for a week + .

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cannon88002823d ago

I'm on a quest to assassinate Master Chief... who's with me?

TheDeadMetalhead2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Just send Samus after him. By the time morning comes, there will be nothing left but a green motorcycle helmet with a hole in it.

sycnation2823d ago

buncha haters
but you can't knock em for humor

just_looken2823d ago

wow your comment is a yes and f no put together yes ign sucks and n4g is crap 70% of the time.

IHateYouFanboys2823d ago

are you idiots serious?

this IGN video was a harmless little piece of fun lol. it wasnt "Sony hate", it wasnt "flame bait" - it was just a silly little video they made for a laugh.

if anything was sinister about it, its the fact that you could say that its blaming Microsoft for Sonys PSN problem - so it would be a anti-MICROSOFT video.

its not though, its just a joke.

grow up kids.

7SBuzzLightyear7S2823d ago

If only there were more members like yourself, here on N4G. Kudos to you.

somekindofmike2823d ago

I can't believe people have got so wound up by this video, I just laughed when I saw this, and thought it was a bit of light relief after all the doom and gloom articles that have been flying through here about PSN

zeksta2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

What? And you haven't seen previous coverage from IGN, Bashing Playstation and the amount of things against Sony?

Sure, I'd like to laugh at this, but this is IGN, the top 360 Fanboy's of the online media industry.

I also love how ironic it is that here you act as if it's fun, yet in your comments you bashing Sony in every way possible.. Irony.

1Victor2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

hey bungie(Ihate Youfanboys) good to see you back & out of trolling Jail.
Like bungie said its a JK video but on the other hand I don't remember them doing a kratos sabotaging MS servers when they was down for 2 weeks a few years ago.LOL Just saying

Bigpappy2823d ago

I keep reading the reaction here in the N4G PS3 community. It really blows my mind and give a lot of 'WTF' moments. I can't take anything they post to heart. Form the 'don't care' reactions to not being notified that their personal data could be in the hands of criminals, to this obviously harmless humor that they label Sony hate. I would like to LOL on their reactions, but it is really sad that we have this many f'ed up young people in one place.

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Inception2823d ago

I counted 6 to 7 news that IGN made about PSN in this week. And all news are the same with just some little edit.

Gosh, IGN this days just filled with flamebait news. I missed the old IGN that provide some good news & review...

just_looken2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

very true but with mS when they want pr/there way its one thing

im 100% sure now they own ign especially with like you said all the bs articles bias agienst sony.

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