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Whose side should we be on when it's Sony vs hackers?

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zeksta2734d ago

I'm with side on Sony no matter what, Geohot was sued because he hacked the PS3 and basically opened a massive gateway to hackers and modders alike on the PS3.

Anonymous was then formed against Sony and 2 weeks later, what do you know? PSN IS DOWN.

Istanbull2734d ago

WHY... is this even a question? Who's side we're on, really? We're on the side of SONY! We're the victims!

Why should I side with the people who DENY me my online playtime?!!!

If anything happened the past 2 3 weeks is that, people got more respect and sympathy towards Sony and full of hatred against gayohot, anonymous, hackers and anything that stood for Anti-Sony propaganda.

YES people are frustrated, not on Sony but on the hackers because the network is down!

zeksta2734d ago

There is no question as to "Why" it's simple.

Hacker's have simply breached PSN, once done so have tried to obtain information of users, thus Sony had to forcefully close down PSN before the hackers got anywhere closer to retrieving more Data.

hay2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

You're pretty much spot on Istanbull. People jump on the hate train towards victim station.
No system is 100% safe and each one of them will sooner or later fell on it's knees.
Sony is not to blame since they're doing all they can to handle the situation, according to reports they didn't put any obvious vulnerabilities, but people prefer to live in denial blaming entity which they could identify and sue.
Blame GeoHot, Anons, hackers and cheaters. They're responsible in some way for this case.

M-Easy2734d ago

Agreed, there has been a ton of stupid articles to come out of this attack but this takes the cake. Sony was attacked a robbed & you question to blame the victim?

Hey "techradar" if an old guy gets robbed at an ATM who's fault is it?

Bolts2734d ago

Why would I blame the hackers? Thats why they're called hackers! It's what they do. I didn't give them my credit and personal information. I gave it to Sony and trusted them for safe keeping and they totally blew it.

Information Minister2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

So if you go out alone on the street at 2AM and you get robbed, does that mean it's your fault because you were just asking for it?

I mean, why blame the robbers? Thats why they're called robbers! It's what they do. You didn't give them your tax money. You gave it to the government and trusted them to pay the police to keep the streets safe and they totally blew it.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

The only thing I didn't like about Sony, is that they took long time investigating to have a conclusion (which I know Forensics can take a lot of time in their work) and lack of constant communication to the media, that's all.

But the Security of PSN, I don't consider Sony have the fault, PS3 Hackers are 100% Guilty in overall.

Simple, this wouldn't happened if they didn't got involved.
They are 100% Guilty, and now FBI, the Law and Sony are hunting them (

In conclusion, I'm with Sony along with FBI in this.

hay2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

You absolutely can't blame them for being silent.
If you have huge responsibilities towards milion of users you don't jump to conclusions once you think what could've happened.
They needed to carefully inspect what has happened, what were the risks and then post official info when they were sure of the problem.
If they'd provide early info which wouldn't be accurate enough and they had to correct it later imagine the backslash from the people.
The truth is, you have to treat customers like morons in the business showing them respect and that you care at the same time. People are eager to overreact and panic as you can see on this whole situation.
Add to it the fact thay they could provide you with early, inaccurate info and you have your little doomsday people shitting all over their pajamas. Even more than now.

rezzah2734d ago

If you do use your CC can't you just delete right after?

Or is it stored somewhere?

jc485732734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

i've used it a few times, but i always end up replacing/changing CC anyways. Either they expire soon or I purposely call bank to get me a new one. what has this world come down to? I get disagrees just for saying that. LAME. It's ok to be stupid you know.

rezzah2734d ago

Best thing you can do is increase your knowledge on a matter, that way you won't be in the situation of those who are ignorant.

ionlyneedonebubble2734d ago

We've gotta take SONY's side no matter what. Otherwise whats the point of having a PS3.

Bolts2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Umm...what? So just because I have an iPhone I still have to support Apple if hackers get my credit info from iTunes?

y0haN2734d ago

N4G is full of deluded fanboys who side with the company that failed them in one of the worst ways possible. The definition of delusion.

jneul2734d ago

i just wish these hackers would actually get a job and put in a positive contribution for once rather than being the predictable leaches they are

Soldierone2734d ago

There are SOME hackers that do this for the good. They will hack into networks, servers, or do whatever. However they will simply turn around and give the company this information and tell them how they did it. Of course these hackers are also usually hired by companies too.

Too bad these "hackers" were not smart enough to do that. Instead they turned Sony and the hacker community against them. I guarantee if anyone of these PSN hackers brag online, another hacker will throw them under the bus in a heartbeat.

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