PSN/social networks an easier target for hackers than banks

Fraudsters now targeting 'softer' social and other networks

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Joni-Ice2734d ago

Why cant the title say "Social Networks an easier target for hackers than banks"?

iamnsuperman2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

To makes it more relevant to gamming otherwise the title shouldn't be on this website and should be on techspy

rezzah2734d ago

If it is possible with PSN, then why not mention other gaming networks?

I doubt they are all fraud free.

iamnsuperman2734d ago

Nothing is 100% safe in the digital age.

Shazz2734d ago

nothing is safe unless its under your bed and you have a shotgun handy . even then its still not 100% safe lol

AliC2734d ago

Yeah the shotgun could go off :)

AliC2734d ago

If you are worried about your personal data, you better cancel your internet subscription, delete your Facebook accounts, turn of the computer and never go online ever again.

Nothing is 100% secure, because you always have to take into the equation that in most cases the issue is due to human error, which isn't something you can easily fix.

Neko_Mega2734d ago

Everything is online, more company's have you apply for a job over the internet and theirs even sites that can tell you about a persons background.

Rageanitus2734d ago

exactly.... im ok to place my card on a best buy website and other etailers... as the saying goes if the robber truly wants to get in they will get in thats all

Neko_Mega2734d ago

It should say everything online is easier to target for hackers then banks.

But some people would just robber a bank, you are more likely to get the money.

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