G4TV Feedback -- PSN Hacked & Gears Of War 3 Beta Impressions

In this edition of Feedback, Adam Sessler and the G4 team discuss the recent hack attack on the PlayStation Network and what that means for Sony's future. Also, the crew offers up their impressions on the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta.

NukaCola4534d ago

nice episode G4. These people can't go 10 secs without bashing on Sony. Playstation hate on American gaming sites is bigger than Xbox love on American gaming sites.

Rynx4533d ago

That's why I stopped watching this garbage a while ago.

Muerte24944534d ago

COD lovers too. Oh and Kinect is absolutely awesome /s.

Soldierone4534d ago

Next week....Why We Think PSN Sucks and the following week...Why PS3 Exclusives are nothing to talk about...and the following week...Why Halo 12 Will be the best game Ever...

Sound familiar?

iWishTifaWasReal4533d ago

this Adam Sessler is really pissing me off.
i hate this website, so much bias stuff.


Ransomed.vc group claims hack on ‘all of Sony systems’

CYBER SECURITY CONNECT writes: "Relative ransomware newcomers have claimed to have succeeded in what could be a devastating ransomware attack on global entertainment giant Sony.

Ransomed.vc has only been operating since September, despite some links to previous forums and groups. However, in that time, the group has racked up an impressive number of victims – and Sony is one of them."


Admin note: This may or may not have anything to do with PlayStation specifically, but as they claim to have hacked 'all of Sony systems' we'll include it as part of the rumor and allow it on N4G until it is made more clear the level of information obtained.

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Battlestar2311h ago

Cool hope we get some info on Sony's future gaming plans like the FTC leak MS gaming plans.

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GamingSinceForever9h ago

Why do would their plans matter? It’s not like you’d get the games any sooner.

Battlestar238h ago

I don't want their games as i play games on Xbox. I want info released like on Sony's 3rd part deals so MS can swoop in and make counter deals with 2 to 3 times more money.

mkis0078h ago


If ms could do that they would have already, peaked info or not. They dont have the fanbase to do it.

niiopi7h ago

@battlestar23 ... so then you DO want their games HAHA, just another MS goon. That's okay, because that's usually the position for those who are "low-functioning" LOL.

raWfodog2h ago

Facts don’t matter to some people, BurritoWarrior, especially when it doesn’t fit into their agenda.

Popsicle7h ago

Somehow a question that I was legitimately asking Battlestar is inappropriate, but condoning the theft of others information for one’s own benefit/curiosity is somehow appropriate?

I am legitimately curious as to what would make someone think the way Battlestar is thinking and gave them the benefit of the doubt that they are either trolling or too young to understand the implications this has on real peoples lives. There are employees of Sony, real people, who could be heavily impacted by this.

What’s deemed inappropriate seems completely backwards in this situation IMO.

SeTTriP1h ago

I was thinking the same thing bro.xbox fans are a protected class, the vocal minority.

Redgrave6h ago

I am unable to tell if you are deliberately hard shilling for the upset reactions or if you do actively abide by what you say.

Let's hope it's the first one.

andy856h ago

"So MS can swoop in and make counter deals with 2-3 times more money". Why didn't they do that with FFXVI then considering SE went directly to them 🙃

ironmonkey4h ago

lol hope, so much hoping for a poor mans xbox. keep up the hope boy. you'll get there one day.

Aloymetal2h ago

They've been trying to get there for 20 yrs but no luck yet, MS and their small fanbase need another 20 yrs in the market I guess lol

Uybfpe2h ago

Still more profitable than PS though eh 😉

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Rude-ro2h ago

Happens to Microsoft yearly… so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Uybfpe2h ago

Microsoft has never been victim of a ransomware attack, nor any hack even remotely close to the PSN hack on PS3.

fr0sty58m ago(Edited 58m ago)

It's just Microsoft's office PC systems that allow the ransomware in to begin with... lol.