Great Gaming Crusade: RUMOR: Next Super Smash Bros. Game to be Shown at E3 2011

Great Gaming Crusade: "Although our sources within the industry are few and far between, we do have them and what they are telling us is that Nintendo will be showing off the next Super Smash Bros. game at this year’s E3. On top of that, it’s said that it will be shown for the Wii’s successor."

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eagle212734d ago

It's definitely on the new Smash per generation. E3 hurry up!

LoaMcLoa2734d ago

At the same time as the new console?

I don't know if my body can handle that..!

Samus HD2734d ago

yeah I think it's too soon

Capt-FuzzyPants2733d ago

Probably. If there is a new console that means there is a new Smash Bros. game. Brawl was probably my favorite Wii game, although that could change with Skyward Sword.

wampdog292733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I'm thinking if the next Smash Bros. is there at all, it will be a quick video of what it "could" look like, but I doubt there's enough of it to show.