G4: Rage Gameplay Preview

G4: "Adam Sessler got to play Rage recently, and thought the controls were outstanding. Here he talks with Creative Director Tim Willits to find out just how id Software created such a responsive gameplay system."

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Zynga2730d ago

Im so excited for this game!

tompoulo2730d ago

Definitely contender for GOTY 2011!!! 60FPS with those phenomenal graphics, open world gameplay, split screen for co op missions!!! What else could anyone want?
I think it's better they decided not to work a deathmatch variant since they think it doesn't fit the game, instead they focus more on singleplayer witch is why i will buy Rage!!!

DigitalRaptor2729d ago

Tim Willits said exactly what I have been trying to convey to those who are disappointed with RAGE's multiplayer offering.

"If we deliver a game that is kick-ass, that really is compelling, and people see this multiplayer offering, which is different - which is not the same thing that all these other games are doing - that's old, this is new.

They'll see the game as a whole and appreciate what a perfect combination it is."