Top 10 Scariest Box Art

Covers that make our spines tingle.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4112d ago

That tingle one, isn't even scary. It's just gay.

tmatte4112d ago

Thats the whole point?

Sangheili854112d ago

I am going to have nightmares for months after seeing the Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland!! Some of them aren't even scary games. bad cover art..

RadientFlux4112d ago

Wow that box cover brought back memories, the weird thing is that I've never even played the game. Just remembering see ads for the game.

pilotpistolpete4112d ago

Hands down Tingle wins. You can tell by his nose that he is a drunk midget frolicking in the woods wearing green tights. i'd sh*t myself if I saw that while hiking one day.

Darkiewonder4112d ago

Thanks IGN. now even though the DS is region free, the game will never reach the US territory ;(

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