Sony Shares Slide as Worries Mount Over Data Leak

"The theft could cost the company more than $1.5 billion, or an average of $20 for each of the 77 million customers"

"(Reuters) - Shares of Sony Corp (6758.T) extended losses to trade down as much as 5.2 percent, hitting a one-month low on Thursday as investors worried over the widening impact of a massive leak of personal information of users of its PlayStation network."

smoothdude4828d ago

Oh my gosh, it didn't even go down a dollar.

vagina4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

Considering every day this week the stock has gone down for a total of more than 8% loss on the week and that on top of the fact that the overall market trend was UP the past couple days that is a very bad sign. If you knew anything about economics you would be able to see that...

@Disagrees, I don't know how you can disagree with fact. Sony's stock has gone down every day this week and the market trend has been UP... so... do you live in an alternate reality or do you think it's GOOD for Sony that this is happening.

Anon19744828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

These trading fluctuations are well within Sony's normal trading range, and it's stock price is still 15% above it's 52 week low. Sure the stock dropped down 5% at one point in trading, but then it rallied and came back to close only down just over 2% over yesterday's close. And for the week the stock is only down 4% in Japan with the other 4% in the states due to currency fluctuations. And why the slide? Could it be that all Japanese stocks are sharply down in general and extremely volatile since the Earthquake? Might that have something to do with it? I don't know, maybe it's just me...

And check out other Japanese electronics makers. Nintendo, Panasonic, Toshiba. All down roughly the same amount as Sony today. Did all of them have hackers attacking them too?

It never ceases to amaze me how the media acts when they smell blood in the water.

vagina4828d ago

@darkride, you are looking at the Sony ADR, which isn't an acctual stock its a representation of thier stock on the US market. If you look at thier acctual stock http://www.google.com/finan... you will see that you are incorrect.

Also being that I am 99% sure you are really a Sony paid forum PR booster (aka Troll), you would know a little more about the company you work for.

ComboBreaker4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

That's awesome.

It's a great time to buy their stocks then. Buy then low right now and sell them high in the fall, when the NGP, the Playstation Tablets, and Uncharted 3 comes out.

xAlmostPro4828d ago

Big deal, lets not lie by xmas this year or by the time uncharted 3 omes out stocks will most likely be back to normal.

Despite what you say sony provide a free service, yes it has been extremely sad that this has happend, but they're handling it well in terms of rebuilding the whole network.

The only people to blame for how out of hand it's become are the media for making articles like "your details have(note HAVE) been compromised" cough IGN cough.

Instead of articles stating that its far more likely your details are safe we get all these OMG YOUR DOOMED articles because thats just the type of place we live in, a world built on fear. The news never promotes the good things.. death death attempted murder death company hacked your details ARE gone, death rape etc etc

Its a sad affair, it's been over reacted but things will continue, life goes on..

rant over

Blad3star4827d ago

This really sucks.

Sony has been nothing but good to us gamers and dont deserve any of this.

This wil cost Sony alot of money to get back to normal and plaus they just donated a sh!t load of money to Japan. I just hope 1st party studios dont suffer because of this.

thebudgetgamer4828d ago

i sure do wish i had some money to invest right now.

N4Gsukballs4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

Ha if people really think that theres 77mil people affected they're sorely mistaken. For instance i Myself have made Over 10 Psn Names over the past 5 years.

SpLinT4828d ago

i have over 20 , i know my buddy has the same. Id say 5 people equals to 100 PSN s each

BiggCMan4828d ago

It definitely is not 77 million people. But that also does not mean that every single person has created multiple accounts. The only people that do that are people like us that are up to date on whats going on with the other PSN stores and what not, and we are in a minority. A vast majority of people only have a single account for themselves. Saying 5 people equals 100 usernames is absurd by the way. I myself have about 4, why on earth do you have 20?

XRider4828d ago

I have 4 for myself and my wife has 2

xAlmostPro4828d ago

Exactly dude, just like anything major in the media though it gets over exagerated.

Not only is 77 million a dumb figure to suggest but it's not even likely that even 10 accounts have had details stolen

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helrazor3434828d ago

Guess this is part of what they meant when they said things could or will get worse before they get better. Such a shame.

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