Lawsuits against Sony might be over before they start

The Supreme Court gave corporations a major win in Wednesday in which companies can block their disgruntled customers from joining together in a class-action lawsuit. The original ruling was dealing with cellphone companies in California, but will probably become a factor for Sony and it is likely to have national impact.

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Pandamobile2733d ago

Well that's retarded. I hope Sony isn't able to weasel their way out of the inevitable massive class action lawsuit.

DragonKnight2733d ago

They won't have to weasel their way out of anything. The class action lawsuit will go nowhere because Sony can't be faulted for a hack. No matter how the moron from Alabama tries to have his case worded, the fact remains that Sony was hacked. They didn't cause this problem and thus can't be charged with any wrong-doing. As long as they can prove that there are security measures in place to prevent access to sensitive information, and also prove that someone took time to circumvent their security measures, it's an open and shut case.

But of course, only short-sighted, close-minded individuals actually WANT Sony to be sued and lose millions of dollars, forcing them to lay off many employees, cancel the production of certain products or games, and (for the extremely die hard trolls) get out of the console business altogether. You know, because said individuals lack common sense and the ability to use logic or think with a clear and level head.

Anon19742733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

My bank was robbed and the robbers made off with the bank's cash and a list of accounts. I suppose I should sue my bank, eh? How dare they be a victim of crime!

Pandamobile2733d ago

You don't think a bank that didn't encrypt their user's data wouldn't be held liable in the event that it was all compromised?

StbI9902733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Lol, love these people you describe in the cough cough (hard troll case) cough cough...

A company that donate half a billion to help its country to go bankrupt out of a sudden because of some hackers? you people, moreover the inernet xD

shadowknight2032733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

@DragonKnight Very well stated. I couldn't of said it better myself. Bubbles to u!

UP2733d ago

Sony's CC data is encrypted. This is like the 5th time i have had to say this.

MysticStrummer2732d ago

By all means guys, keep repeating the whole unencrypted thing. Maybe if you say it enough it will be true, but I seriously doubt it.

mirumu2732d ago

Sony say the table containing the credit card data was encrypted. That's good. It doesn't necessarily mean the communication between users PS3s and the PSN was encrypted. We also don't know if the encryption on the table was any good. If they made the same mistake with the random seeds as they did in the PS3's encryption then the data in that table may not be very safe from the hackers at all. It's anyone's guess really.

Homicide2732d ago

"Sony's CC data is encrypted. This is like the 5th time i have had to say this."

The other data wasn't though, which is a big issue.

NatureOfLogic2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Sony should fear Hackers now. :)

Lesson to sony: Never underestimate Hackers

ComboBreaker2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

dealing such a great blow to the lawsuits like that.

Pandamobile2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

"The Supreme Court is smart."

Yes, let's protect the multi-billion dollar empires rather than the consumers they completely screw.

TotalPS3Fanboy2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Let's protect both the multi-billion dollar Sony eimpire and their consumers that hackers completely screwed over.

The Supreme Court have made a wise decision, blocking the lawsuits like that.

If any fraudalent charges are made on the card, Visa and Master Card will take care of it. No worries.

Americans and their lawsuits for every little thing.

"You have step on my ant, causing me emotional stress. I shall fill a lawsuit on your a$$."

UnwanteDreamz2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I don't agree with the Supreme Courts decision. Do any of you who comment know how is it that a dry cleaning store could be sued for $54 million in damages for temporarily misplaced pants?  How could a jury award $2.86 million to a woman who burned herself with hot coffee?  Often times we hear about extreme versions of frivolous lawsuits and abuses of the legal system without realizing the impact of frivolous lawsuits on all members of society. The cost of defending lawsuits is a major drain on the U.S. economy, totaling billions of dollars each year. This isn't the answer but neither is leaving it in it's current state.


Pandamobile dosen't want to have an intelligent discussion, he wants to throw $&@# like a monkey at the zoo.

HolyOrangeCows2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I handed the cashier my cash, and a robber ran in and intercepted it.
Logical step: Sue store.

Stored my stuff in a vault at the bank, robber breaks in and steals it.
Logical step: Sue bank.

Sony/PS3 haters still praying for that class action lawsuit, I see. Still think a class action lawsuit often "bankrupts" multi-billion $$ corporations? lol

kneon2732d ago


The problem is the stupid US legal system that doesn't penalize people for stupid lawsuits. In almost every other country the loser pays all the fees. That's means most people will think twice before proceeding with a baseless lawsuit.

Also class action lawsuits are largely useless. I've been the "winner" in at least a couple and never bothered to claim my reward. Almost all the fees go to the lawyers, the plaintiffs are typically lucky to get $10 in the end.

Heartnet2732d ago

Im with DarkRide if a bank got robbed i wudnt blame the banks lack of security i wud blame the guys willing to do it and done it lol..

Encrypted or not anything can be hacked and decrypted just depends on how good the hacker is or protection..

ziggurcat2732d ago

@ homicide:

"The other data wasn't though, which is a big issue."

no, not really. 99% of the info that *might* (this is key... there's no real proof that people's names, etc... were even taken, sony's just issued a notice to take precaution just in case) have been extracted can easily be obtained through a variety of public sources.

maybe we should all just sue the internet for allowing us to perform a google search while we're at it? i mean, it's right there, in plain text and all!

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DragonKnight2732d ago

@Pandamobile: And what evidence can you provide that the information wasn't encrypted? Sony made an official statement that the information is encrypted, and that's not something they can lie about, especially when they have a third party security firm investigating and are working with law enforcement. And also, again, you can't blame Sony for someone forcibly breaking in and stealing information.

The next time you're robbed, or in some way victimized, I hope you'll remember this day when someone blames you for not carrying a gun around to shoot the person robbing you, instead of blaming the guy that tried to rob/victimize you.

NeoBasch2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Exactly. I mean, if it was that easy, why did it take nearly five years to hack it? Logic, people, get some. Take off the goggles, and quit using this as an excuse to blame Sony. I know how badly you want to protect your motherland (Microsoft = America patriotism can go die in a fire).

Reason alone states that no matter how protected you think your system is there will still be ways to circumvent that security. There always will be. This is the type of shit you learn in Info Security 101. Remember this. I'm not even a CONS major and I know this.

Information is power, which is as much an asset as your own corporate wealth. Society needs to get over their sense of entitlement and realize that ideas in a capitalistic economy are not theirs for the taking.

Regardless of moral implications, whether good or bad, Sony has done nothing wrong, given they followed general security standards, which they probably did. As mentioned before, how else could they make it this long?

See, if I was an outsider looking in, I'd be impressed the way Sony has handled their security thus far. I mean, four years without incident! That's something to brag about.

hazelamy2732d ago

why are you so angry at the guy suing?
if sony did all they were legally obliged to do to protect it's customers information then this guy will lose, he wont be able to afford the teams of lawyers to find any legal loopholes or tricks like sony will.

if they didn't do enough to protect the information though, then he has a case, though sony could still use their teams of lawyers and the aforementioned loopholes and tricks to cheat their way to a victory.

and anyway, back on topic of this article, they've just given the big corporations an everlasting get out of jail free card for lawsuits.

this has to be challenged, these corporations have to be held accountable, what about the next time some corporation does something that adversely affects people's health.

the courts are really willing to put these corporation's profits before people's health?

that's just disgusting.

NeoBasch2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Lawsuits almost always paint the company as the bad guys. This is a very narrow-minded view, but has unfortunately taken root in the heart of society. Therefore in my eyes, the guy suing Sony is just using this as a podium, which may or may not be the case, but because I believe Sony most likely isn't responsible, that said publicity would be harmful and could be used by media giants to slander their name to support their competitors. That enough reason for you?

soundslike2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Forget about Sony and the small claims opportunists, this is majorly FUCKED!

"The Supreme Court gave corporations a major win in Wednesday by ruling a 5-4 decision in which companies can block their disgruntled customers from joining together in a class-action lawsuit."

The implications of this are...unthinkable.

They basically just gave corporations the right to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they still have (someone elses)money to spend.

hazelamy2732d ago

yeah, totally, it's a joke.

the courts have basically stated that the corporations profits are more important than people's rights.

they can have their teams of lawyers and you'll have nothing.

dantesparda2731d ago

I hate the Supreme Court (and this has noting to do with the Sony situation). And this is a really bad blow to regular people

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thebudgetgamer2733d ago

funny how so many are angry at sony and so few are angry at the people that caused this to happen.

finnhima2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Some people were just waiting for a justified reason to be angry. And people can sue for just about anything nowadays. Its quite petty, and largely ridiculous.

Seraphemz2733d ago

It's like getting mad at someone cause their wallet got stolen...
I'm not mad at Sony one bit. Even if I had charges on my card...
I'm pissed at the loser hacker that caused psn to be offline for a week...

B1663r2733d ago

It is the hackers fault that Sony stored passwords in plain text format???

Seraphemz2733d ago

They stated that they were encrypted...

thebudgetgamer2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

if a bank teller left money on a counter is it kosher to steal that money?

if someone leaves their window open would you make an excuse why i broke into their house?

DragonKnight2733d ago

@B1663r: Most sites have credit card info in plain text format and use SSL for security. So it's not like Sony is doing something out of the ordinary here. Stop trying to shift blame to where it shouldn't be. Everyone should be angry at the hackers, but of course since it's cool to hate on Sony the blame will always be placed on them.

Hell if Sony HQ were bombed, someone would find a way to blame it on Sony.

UP2733d ago

yep they are encrypted. Does anyone do any research before they sate things as fact?

Otheros002733d ago

Is it the rape victim's fault that they got raped? It's been over 4 years. If it was really that easy to hack psn then it would of been done years ago. Just like if it was easy to get cfw running on xbox 360 it would of been done already.

gaden_malak2732d ago

"It is the hackers fault that Sony stored passwords in plain text format??? "

It's your teacher fault for your lack of intelligence.

JD_Shadow2732d ago

I don't know how many times I've heard analogies like yours that have tried to make it sound like no one that has a job would ever be at fault or take responsibility for anything stupid they did that caused something detrimental to happen.

If the teller left the money on the counter, and I stole it, then I am the thief that took advantage of the situation (thus I'm to blame for taking it), but who's the idiot that was negligent enough to commit that stupid act? I'm sure the employer isn't going to be so sympathetic to the employee that did that act. It's that person's job to make sure the employer's money is secure. Did the employee do their job in that scenario?

If you left the window open and I came in and ransacked the place, okay, I'm at fault for taking advantage of the situation and doing it, yes. But are the police going to go "oh, poor you" and give you sympathy? Of course not because you left your window open, giving me an easier time, plus, it's YOUR house. If YOU choose to not make your home secure enough, then you should take responsibility when something happens.

So why shouldn't Sony take responsibility? I'm not taking the hacker's side here, but good lord, how many Tea Party Republicans do we have on N4G here. We're not saying the blame is ALL on Sony, but they have to share SOME of it for not being on the ball and then not even giving so much as a whisper that anything had happened?

What next? Are we going to start doubting that Obama was born in the USA? C'MON!

gaden_malak2732d ago

@ darkpower:

In all your examples. The thief is the criminal and the negligent person is just an idiot.
The teller wouldn't be sued or imprisoned for leaving the money on the counter. Might lose their job, but that's the extent of it.

Window example is the same.

People aren't forgiving Sony, but they aren't the criminals.

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chriski3332733d ago

i know right people we should focus our anger on the ass-clowns that hacked the network sony is working around the clock to fix this im sure they dont want to lose 77 million customers

cyclonus0072733d ago

Sony actually has a face. Someone that you can turn to and say "You screwed up". Now, if the hacker who did this are caught, you will see a different story. We can actually get verification on what was taken (if anything) and have someone tangible to take out our frustrations on. Whoever did this is going to be looking over his shoulder and for a long time.

smashman982733d ago

first off let me say i love my ps3 its my favorite system out of the 3 and i dont plan on switching up ever

now here comes the tough love

sony one of the biggest corporations in the world has just lost over 70 million peoples information, one of the biggest corporations in the world mind you

now i will agree on the surface this was not their fault they got hacked and because of that they lost the info because people had malicious intents

but with that being said where were the counter measures.
they had to totally shut down the service and hire an investigative team...

they shouldn't have had to investigate as a matter of fact while the hack was happening they should've been able to stop the attacks within much less than a minute without shutting down their service and without losing so much info.

so i totally agree that people shout be mad at the hackers but they should be even angrier at sony

in simpler terms my point is what if your bank didnt keep your money locked up in a safe but instead in a shoebox under a desk inside the bank. someone could easily break in at night and steal the shoebox. sure its the robbers who stole your money but wouldnt you have to agree that putting it in a shoebox aint exactly the smartest idea in the world

with that being said before any of this went down i did not demand compensation mind you i am a playstation plus subscriber, now i do. as my privacy was breached

thebudgetgamer2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

i understand your point, and i'm not trying to justify it because i want to get back online as much as anyone.

even the us government gets their stuff hacked.

edit: mirumu

fair enough.

DragonKnight2732d ago

In fact there is no evidence that any information was actually lost. People skewed what Sony said. Sony said that, although there is no evidence to state that CC info was actually taken, they can't emphatically deny that it hasn't either. And so they are issuing a warning due to the POSSIBILITY that it MAY have happened.

So no, Sony did not "lose over 70 million peoples CC information."

Swiftfox2732d ago

Sony already released a statement saying that the all credit card information was protected. By telling people to protect themselves Sony is simply using caution.

As for your "privacy" your personal information I.E Name, address, phone number. Dozens of companies and busnesses have had that information long before you gave it to PSN. Why do you think we get junk mail or telamarketer phonecalls? It's because your information was sold or shared by a company you gave it to.

I know it feels awkward to think someone took a look at it but there is nothing in PSN that people with an internet connection or a phonebook couldn't just look up for themselves. People willingly put more information on Facebook for bloody sake.

Unnerving yes, but harmless on such a massive scale. Remember that 77 million accounts got "peeked" at. What's another name and address on that list?

RIP_Weazel2732d ago

Ha ha! I'm British, so I'm used to having my personal information leaked. (Usually by one government agency or another!!)
Life goes on, and I may get a bit more spam e-mail/mail.

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ndl15312732d ago

agreed bro are people just plain stupid ? these idiots are mad at sony yelling and screaming when sony is working on a fix THEY WERE HACKED and the investigation is STILL ONGOING now this other fool is suing when there is still an investigation and he don't know if his info was stolen or not cuz sony hasn't said nuthing yet regarding that . dammit allot of thick headed folks , just dumb in the head.

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WooHooAlex2733d ago

Don't be mad at Sony be mad at the retards who decided it was a good idea to hack PSN, and now could be looking at prison time as soon as they're caught.

mirumu2732d ago

So it doesn't matter if Sony doesn't look after the data we trust them with?

The hackers can rot in jail for all I care, but that doesn't make Sony blameless.

RIP_Weazel2732d ago

Chain of effect. If the plebs hadn't decided that it was their 'right' to access other OC, then the gates wouldn't have been opened for the more 'criminal' aspect to wander in.

therapist2733d ago

good luck sueing the hackers, i buy the $20 or $50 psn cards and use a fake name when creating accounts, xbox live too!!

These guys are AMATEURS when it comes to the online space, I never gave these scrubs any of my real info.

Leason; don't be so quick to give out personal info!!

Swiftfox2732d ago

Lesson: Your personal info is out there the second you are born.

Also why does it matter if they know your real info or not, you are still giving them your money. They could care less about your real name or location.

dragonelite2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Its the goverment job to keep it save.
This is like going to the bank put some valuable stuff in it and then discover your thing got stolen. Can't blame the thief but you can blame the bank for not giving you the service it was told it could provide. And CC info is not something you want out their in the open.

It's now sony next could be microsoft people should come into action to make a example.
Glad i didn't used CC info hell i dont even trust microsoft with that info. But my home adress name and email is now out their for nigerian hackers to add to their Mail database inbe4 shitload more Wow phishing attempts.

therapist2732d ago

it matters if hackers get your visa number.....

if its not out's a lot harder to get

yewles12732d ago

"Can't blame the thief"

Que? WTF? lolwut? Huh? Eh?

smashman982732d ago

@yewles dragonelite is absolutely correct people put the money in the bank for the sole purpose of protecting it which means if your money gets stolen its the banks job to reimburse you

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XRider2733d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

With the breach of security and credit card info leaked I don't think Sony will win this one. I know it's the hackers fault but Sony is supposed to protect our personal information. If my paypal card ends up compromised I may just jump in the lawsuit myself.

MysticStrummer2732d ago

There are certain things they have to do to make a reasonable effort at security. If they did them, and I would bet quite a bit that they did, then there will be no problem except wasting court time. Nothing I have read so far makes me think Sony will lose this in court, if it even gets that far.

JackBNimble2732d ago

1) CC info was/is encrypted
2) There is no evidence that any CC info was leaked.
3) There is no evidence that Sony didn't have adequate security in the first place.

Further more, I can get 1 million names addresses and phones numbers right now just be going through the phone book, and I can get even more info from facebook.

XRider2732d ago

That's why I said "if"

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