G4: Deus Ex: Human Revolution "FEMA Camp" Preview

G4: "While we have seen the mechanics before, we were shown the brand new FEMA Camp level for our latest demo, which is about six-10 hours into the game. The FEMA Camp is a textile compound designed to keep you thoroughly on your bio-enhanced toes. As soon as we arrive in the courtyard of the compound, we are greeted by a NPC who gives us information on the mission and sells us a variety of blackmarket goods like augments and weapons.

You can choose whether or not you want to talk to NPCs in the game, but it's strongly advised to do so. NPCs not only give valuable info on what you have to do, but also back story and the more people you talk to the better your experience will be, according Eidos Montreal's Antoine Thisdale, who walked us through the demo. When talking to NPCs, you get a BioWare-esque chat wheel where you can choose whichever option fits your style best. Once we received our mission from the NPC, we made our way inside the courtyard filled with guards."

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