Review: Final Fantasy Tactics Comes in Like a Lion but Does it Go Out Like a Lamb?

"Final Fantasy Tactics was one of Square-Enix's first attempts to expand the Final Fantasy franchise outside of the typical RPG setting. When the title was released on the PSOne, fans were quickly intrigued by the gameplay and the deep storyline that the title held. After many years of waiting, fans wanted a sequel to the original title but were instead treated to a portable adventure in the form of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA. Despite receiving critical acclaim, fans yearned for a true sequel and to this day still wait.

Telling the tale of yesteryears and the great War of the Lions, Final Fantasy puts you in the role of Ramza Beoulve, a former soldier during the war. Along with Ramza, there was another soldier by the name of Delita Heiral, a hero who would put an end to the War of the Lions and become a hero across the land of Ivalice.

Several years after the war, Ramza and Delita meet again but on opposite sides of a conflict. Delita has kidnapped a Princess in which Ramza has sworn to protect. With two allies now becoming foes, the dark history of Ivalice is about to be unfolded. As you get deeper into the title the storyline develops and you discover why Ivalice has become so split and how to allies could end up on opposite sides of the battlefield. The storyline keeps you entertained and wanting to find out more about the past with the War of the Lions and the current state of Ivalice."

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PS360WII4019d ago

It certainly is a good game. Shame they didn't put it in widescreen for the psp though. CS are really cool and it is the same PS1 title you've loved and played.

MattyF4019d ago

The game is 16:9 support.

PS360WII4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Eh? Is it in the option menu? I have 2 black strips on the left and right of my screen :(

edit: though I do have widescreen for the CS's... just not during the in-game engine... well shoot now I have to wait for after work to see if I'm going crazy

mighty_douche4019d ago

lol dude, that cracked me up.


just joking buddy.

PS360WII4019d ago

Yup I'm crazy ><

Not sure what I was thinking this afternoon

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wageslave4019d ago

Sakaguchi has nothing to do with Final Fantasy any longer. Its a Final Fantasy game in name only.

Have a look at the master's work:

Oh, and he's bringing Blue Dragon to the DS.

Brainiac 84019d ago

There are many gamers now that didn't start playing until the PS2, and this is one of the best games to grace the PS1, and many people missed out on it.

If you like this one, you should try FF Tactics Advance for the GBA and the upcoming FFTA2 for the DS. Different story, same great tactical gameplay.

Marceles4019d ago

I really wish they fixed the slowdown for the release. When I use Tailwind (Yell), it gives you Speed +1 but takes forever to pull the move off in the first place lol...but I still love the game.

PS360WII4019d ago

agreed. Every move gets a slow down. Suddenly it remembers that it's playing a game :( That's why I'm hoping the PSP slim will do a better job of running games like this.

X4019d ago

Good game. A good story if you can keep up with it. Job system adds many combinations of character types and parties. A fun battle system. The only problem is the slowdown when doing an animation such as using a potion or casting a summon.

Question to people with the slim PSP and this game. Do you still experience slowdown in the animations, or does the extra memory solve the problem?

GamerMan4019d ago

I got the game last night but still playing Jeanne D'arc and trying to finsih it up before I start FF tactics. I did boot it up and watch some of the beauty and played the first strat field where you only have Ramza to control. The slowdowns during casting didn't seem that bad but that could be because of how the caching works on the PSP slim.

In the options of the PSP you can choose to turn on UMD caching to help with the speed. Granted it still will need to access the UMD once in awhile.. but a lot less often.

I also noticed on the review for Jeanne they were talking about slow downs in the battle and the only time I noticed it was when counter attack was being called.

So my assumption would be yes it loads faster but I would need another copy to test on the older psp to do a side by side... and honestly I don't think I need 2 copies for one person

X4019d ago

Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

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