Steam Accounts Linked With PSN Aren't Affected

With the PlayStation Network having its security compromised, many users of Steam who linked their accounts up on the PS3 or PC, are worried about their security too.

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zeksta2733d ago

Thank god, If my Steam account was affected by this I'd be raging at Sony, luckily even if it was affected it wouldn't be hard to retrieve.

Substance1012733d ago

I think Steam has had a good security jump specially with Steamguard added on. If the Steam account is given its own exclusive Email account and that email account is never used on the computer that you use Steam on, it is literally impossible to hack a Steam account.

zeksta2733d ago

Yeah, the Steam Guard system that Valve added was a very good move, it's protecting a lot of peoples accounts (Verified at least) and preventing hackers from getting them!

Theo11302733d ago

The truth is in the pudding, gabe gave out his account info and password just to prove it worked. I tried logging in to his account and it wouldn't let me, maybe sony can learn from valve

Substance1012733d ago


Both the systems work in a different way PSN is a unified system, it is required for the PS3 user to go online and play games. Steam is different even if you are in offline mode you can still launch a game play online(unless its some steamworks game like TF2 or so).

Hence in the situation where the network was to go down:

PSN down: nothing is playable

Steam down: asides the steamworks games everything is playable.

XRider2733d ago

Cool some good news for a change

Gamer_Z2733d ago

We should all just use steam

Ranshak2733d ago

There is over 500 Multiplats released this gen alone. If you count the exclusive then no platform has more then 10 exclusives that you really would like to own the platform for.

Which brings us to a conclusion that most games are multiplat.

With Steam not only are those same multiplats cheaper then console versions, they also likely will last alot longer, since with console we dont know if the game we buy today will be playable on the next box. With Steam BC is 99% gauranteed.

2733d ago
Ranshak2733d ago

Even if Steam went down. Every game sold is sold with a CD Key. Keep that Key safe and you can download the game from any place and start playing again.

DWOM2733d ago

always good to know that the steam account is safe...

Masterchef20072733d ago

I havent linked mine yet but thats good to know