Will BF3 take Down the Call of Duty series?

Will Battlefield take down the Call of Duty series? The chief of Electronic Arts believes so. The developer wants the game Battlefield 3 to knock out the position of Call of Duty of Activision from the position of being the most popular game in the first-person shooting video game and claim the seat. Read more at

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iamnsuperman2758d ago

Nope BF3 might be better but COD sells because of the name

Dart892758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I agree man but personally people are getting sick of cod everyone on my friends list is going for bf3 this year instead of cod cuz it hasn't changed much since cod4.

Mustang300C20122758d ago

Everyone says this about their friends list EVERY YEAR.

I hope BF3 is going to be a good game but everyone is reacting from the graphics and engine vs actually playing it. It ain't stopping COD.

Trebius2757d ago

It's only attitudes like that of redhemi that support mediocre gaming like CoD.

Yes the name is big...but what's in a name...BF could be the next big "name" ...

people just have to stop this mentality that CoD owns the FPS genre forever ... cause it wont.

I stopped CoD gaming when MW2 came out. I noticed it's the same exact thing ... and decided against buying it and tried something new...

I'm sure a lot of people will start doing the same once they relize CoD is the same thing re-released every year.

New weapons and new Maps wont keep people satisfied forever ... theyll need a complete rehaul eventually.

And when they do reinvent the series, you can bet they're going to go the BF route.

fullymoated2757d ago

Battlefield is not all that different from it's PC debut a decade ago. And people aren't sick of it. And people aren't sick of CoD. I really don't understand this whole argument that Battlefield is hugely innovative and CoD puts out the same thing every year. Where's the facts to back this up?? Since BF revamps all the time and CoD sits stagnant, i'm expecting 10 innovations in the past 5 years that are as way bigger than CoD Perks system, killstreaks, and wager matches. Let's hear it!

aceitman2758d ago

but battlefield is what people wanted al along instead of bad company. plus battlefield is where it all got started on xbox live . that was the cod back then and it might not beat it in sales but its going to take a big chunk out of cod sales. i like cod but i really loved the battlefield series... and im talking about home console games not pc. pc is where it all began on battlefield games . cant wait to put some c4 on my jeep and drive in jump off and blow away the enemy and capture the flag ..

Three_Sisters2758d ago

I agree, and its very arcade-ish gameplay does appeal to a lot of people...

franktheprankreturns2757d ago

COD sucked ever since it came out. All of them. BF was always the better game. But COD had better marketing for losers...

egidem2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

They want it to happen but truth be told this won't happen overnight. Battlefield 3 will come out and it will sell well, but the next Call of Duty will come out and people will buy the copies like it's the end of the world.

People are so used to Call of Duty that it comes out every year and they go ahead and buy another copy. It's all they look forward to. The fact that Activision can make $300 mil from selling the game in just 24 hours speaks volumes about its popularity. Activision is smart enough to capitalize on this by making yearly releases. Take the old formula that was working well, change the town and maps, then apply it again and sure enough; it will sell like crazy. I'm glad some people are starting to realize this.

I love the Battlefield series to death. Been playing each and every one of them since Battlefield 1942. I can testify that for example today I spent a good 3-4 hours playing the Rush mode on Battlefield Bad Company 2. It's ridiculously entertaining. Yesterday was the same thing.

Because this theme of gameplay revolves around cooperation, teamwork and lots of support, I've had many CoD fans try out the demo and were immediately disappointed because they couldn't just run around and gun, and complained about the spawn times being too long, weapons that were weird etc. simply put, because it didn't play like Call of Duty.

I consider this to be good. First, I prefer Battlefield over Call of Duty. The last thing I ever want to hear is a bunch of 10-12 year olds on this game. Last time I was playing MW 2, they were screaming incessant racist phrases complaining about the newly released Battlefield Bad Company's 2 multiplayer demo that lacked killcams, had slow sniper bullets or how one of the kids got a 5 kill streak and couldn't figure out how to call the helicopter!

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LOGICWINS2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

I don't understand the desperation people have to see BF3 overtake the next COD saleswise. Since when did just "ignoring COD" stop being enough?

And people need to realize that if BF3 made the Battlefield series more popular than COD, then we'd have all those COD noobs who don't know what teamwork is ruining online Battlefield matches.

x8002758d ago

Will BF3 take Down the Call of Duty series? hell yes bf3 is a beast.

DWOM2758d ago

I hope it will... but plz EA don't go into the same direction as Activision! Don't sale overpriced DLC and make a change,,, then you'll take em down!

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