New Weapon Shown in Escalation DLC

Treyarch loves to tease as they have shown us something new and awesome in the latest Escalation DLC video.

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TheBeast2732d ago

The weapon looks sweet!

Hitman07692732d ago

Good catch, they are always showing new weaponry in their trailers lately.

-Alpha2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Oh good, just for zombies

TheBeast2732d ago

It is needed for multiplayer! :D/s

Rybakov2732d ago

call of duty waste of money.....might as well throw money in a bondfire every year

BiggCMan2732d ago

I'm not disagreeing here, but why come into this article if you have no interest?

Rybakov2732d ago

no offense to you

but why put up these stupid articles im sick of seeing call of duty this call of duty of duty sucks its the something every year but everyone buys it and complains about it....why buy it and we all know its the same piece of crap that we got last year

BiggCMan2732d ago

I agree man, I do. People buy it because it is popular though, that is the answer. They don't care if its the same, they don't care if it has no story, they don't care if has dated graphics. If peoples friends, and friends of those friends are buying it, they will buy it as well. That is what a trend is, and all trends eventually fade. See, in my opinion, that type of person is not a gamer. I'm not saying that if you play Call of Duty, your not a gamer, but if you only buy it for that reason I explained, than I don't believe you are. To me, a real gamer is someone who has a passion for everything in the industry, and welcomes things with an open mind. Someone like me who will play anything and everything to see what its like. Someone who doesn't argue over what is best, or what is worse. I don't normally use this phrase, but in my eyes, that is a "true gamer"

JobForARockStar2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

I like COD and I buy almost every one. I never bitch about it either. Theyre not great games but theyre fun and you'll NEVER have trouble finding a match because it's so popular. I don't care what anybody says. I enjoy playing the multi player with my friends. It's fun. But I also play EVERYTHING else ( i've got the trohies to prove it) just like Bigg said just to see what its like.

GLoRyKnoT2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Mix between the raygun and the waffle? Cool info tanks :)

EDIT: OMG! zombie no more bullets :)

TheBeast2732d ago

More like you are non-zombie now and you still have to die.

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