How The Internet Ruined Gaming For Me

"As soon as a freshly announced game catches my eye, I always read and watch everything I can find about it; the game’s features, story and gameplay. I just realized that this completely ruins the magic of gaming: discovery.

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jony_dols2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I was half way through Heavy Rain last year, when I just happened to click onto an article while on the internet titled 'The Biggest Twists in Gaming' without realising that it may include HR.

Lo-and-behold the second I clicked onto it, the biggest story element of Heavy Rain flashed up at me in bold writing.

I tried closing my eyes and frantically clicking X.........
but alas the damage was done. It just wasn't the same after.

serial002823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Metal gear solid 4 >>>> I watched every single trailer + gameplay ..............and its nearlly ruin the game for me .

not like Mgs 1+3 the thing that made it soo amazing for me that I didnt know anything about it .

TheSleepyGamer2823d ago

I've sometimes found that all the coverage and speculation for games can make me build up way too much of a high expectation for the game; making it seem disappointing when faced with the reality of actually playing it. I first noticed this happen with Fallout 3 - which was a good game, I just expected it to be absolutely amazing.