This Week's Rant: A Wonderful Dilema

This weeks Rant (though I suppose you could call it a Rave too) is about a wonderful dilema that faces many gamers. The Xbox 360 has so many games coming out right now, that it's very difficult for anyone to find nearly enough time or money for them all.

Depending on your gaming tastes, of course, there are literally dozens of games either recently released or just about to be released for the 360 that may interest you.

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BLACKJACK VII4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Good Stuff. My must buys on this list are:

Mass Effect - AAA RPG
SKATE - arcade sports ?
Project Gotham Racing 4 - duh, driving
Assassin’s Creed - action adventure ?
Army of Two - 3PS

Nice & well rounded genres. Already got Halo 3 & Orange Box. Ready for some sweet Bioware goodness with MASS EFFECT baby !

misterssippi4112d ago

I'm looking forward to
Assassins Creed, Kane and Lynch, Army of Two, COD4