9.0 Mortal Kombat Review "The new Mortal Kombat is the result of a development team not only listening to fan feedback, but also one-uping the requests in just about every single way. The feat is particularly impressive when you consider how fickle the fighting game community is when it comes to any changes being made to a favorite franchise, but the final package that this Rebooted Mortal Kombat presents itself in, results in a new flawless victory. And while newcomers to the series can simply appreciate the gameplay for what it is, veterans will draw the most enjoyment out of all the subtle details that have been preserved in the reboot process. Though it's hard to say if all of these changes will make Mortal Kombat as competitive a series as say, Street Fighter, every single step taken by this game is one in the right direction."

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mephman2729d ago

A solid reboot. So glad the franchise is back in business.

Hardedge2729d ago

The demo was certainly fun. A solid game to say the least, especially after the previous disasters.

Larry L2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Well, I don't subscribe to your theory of the previous MKs being "disasters", in fact I find them all to be highly under-rated games. Mk vs DC while a BAD Mortal Kombat game, was actually a GREAT DC comics fighting game and until this new MK was the best story mode ever in a fighting game, it was the same format as the new one, and ALOT longer at about 7 hours to complete both sides. Armageddon would have been my favorite MK ever if it had proper fatalities instead of that LAME create a fatality. And Deception was my favorite MK ever...until this new MK that is. Mind you, in case you think I'm a kid that picked up the series at Deception or something, MK has been my favorite video game franchise since the day MK1 hit arcades. (first day I ever bunked school).

But this new MK is on a whole other level. It takes what was good about the old MK games and makes it better, and also takes what was good about the 3-D MKs and mixes that into the older formula perfectly. Add in the story mode and other content and you've got what is imo the best fighting game ever made. Or at the very least the best MK ever made.

On a side note.......this new MK is probably the most consistantly high rated game I can recall since GTA4.....and this one deserves it. It's getting almost all 9s, a surprising amount of perfect 10s, and I think 8.5 is the lowest I've seen. I mean I know Skyrim, Uncharted 3, ME3 and perhaps Last Guardian will be the main contenders for most site's GOTY. But I have a feeling Mortal Kombat is going to be a dark horse on alot of site's short lists, and will pull at least one "Demon's Souls" and end up with at least 1 GOTY from a well known site.

ShawnCollier2729d ago

Nice to be getting some more kombat experience again.

antauwnehart2729d ago ShowReplies(5)
TXIDarkAvenger2729d ago

This game is freakin awesome. I was blown away by the story, its for sure one of the best storylines in a fighting games. 9/10

On a side note. For anyone who has played online, don't u think Raiden and Kabal should be nerfed? On top of that, I hate the fact that some people boost in king of the hill, so annoying.

cr33ping_death2729d ago

didnt get to play against many Raiden and Kabals... thats why its fun to join a room of king of the hill and destroy :)