Hackers run up debt for PlayStation user

This week’s PlayStation Network drama continues to get worse, as an Australian gamer points the finger at Sony in what might be the first documented case of fraud related to the unauthorised intrusion.

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Nitrowolf22735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

"Including domestic flights within Australia, bookings at Best Westerns [hotels] and what not.”

Can't they get this guy then? I mean there are cameras and such at airports aren't there so at least they should have an idea of what he looks like right?

Also $2000 sounds like a lot for a hacker to use after such a short time.

dotarray2735d ago

Exactly. There's also the question of whether or not the PSN hackers are based in Australia - and if they're not, why they are booking local flights and hotels in that country.

iamnsuperman2735d ago

The method of fraud suggest that they only have a few numbers because of the large amount. Otherwise smaller amounts from multiple accounts would have been used. It could also be just to ruin Sony. I know conspiracy but hear me out. 2000 on domestic flights when the bank believe it to come from America sounds really odd. Seams like there just burning this guys money.

It could also be a coincidence

ELite_Ghost2735d ago

We need L from Death note :D!!

jjohan352735d ago

The guy probably got caught with ridiculous charges on his credit card bill by his wife and now he's blaming Sony.

HSx92734d ago

Since obviously common sense doesnt kick in to 12 year old N4G users you would have never assumed that the PSN hacker sold the card's details to an organized group... Also the credit card details were not encrypted even the hackers said it in their chatlog and showed how the PS3 read it and sent it fully unencrypted...

Bodster2734d ago

If the hacker was smart enough to hack the PSN and get CC info then surely they would be smart enough to know not to spend a big amount of money using someone elses card in such a short space of time...

BlackTar1872734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

HSX9 please link us. I really want a confirmed artcle for CC theft . I want it to be spelled out for me so we can make sure not to have Jargon.

please link us . I also want to know how you know this as fact and not the rest of the world. With the wya things are being done with Journalist on this topic i am very skeptical that something so proven like you say hasn;t been put on BBC/NBC/CNN yet

didn't sony themselves say the CC info was encrypted? Are they lying or are you just reading and believing the first thing you hear?

Please respond i want a nice conversation full of facts not name calling and propaganda.

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frostypants2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

The fact that the charges are all in Australia makes it even LESS likely it has anything to do with the PSN issue.

Unless the hacker just happened to be Australian, AND on top of that, of the millions upon millions of credit card numbers he'd have if CC data WAS stolen, he'd just happen to pick a fellow Aussie's card?

Unlikely. More likely it was either stolen from a local Aussie website, or when he used it in a restaurant or something. Stealing credit card info offline is MUCH easier than getting it via hacking.

People like to whine and moan about online CC security, but in reality, we risk our CC security EVERY SINGLE TIME we hand our credit card to someone in a retail store or restaurant. Even if they only hold it for a few seconds, someone who is even marginally good at memorizing numbers can easily get all the info. That's where the vast majority of fraud originates. Finding someone's address is a mundane task.

gaden_malak2734d ago

So far I've heard issues in:


This guy sure can travel

metsgaming2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

70 + million accounts thats alot. Even if this didnt happen im sure many of them get hit with cc fraud. This maybe the cause but lets not jump to conclusions if a few people claim cc fraud, it happens alot already.

If you take even 10 million random people i wonder what the % who have cc fraud going on recently.

Dac2u2735d ago

You're right, I guarantee Sony gets at least a few calls every day about someone having fraudulent charges. Visa and Mastercard, have far more calls every day. What are the chances that just a few of those callers own a PS3? Of course, they're going to automatically link their fraudulent charges to this PS3 issue.

It's not a bad idea to protect yourself and get a new card and whatnot, but so far there's no evidence that any of these new cases are a result of the PSN break-in.

badboy8082735d ago

something is wierd about all of this

iamnsuperman2735d ago

what hacker gets the information and then uses it to buy 2000 stuff on it. My bank will be like this is odd. It is either the guy sold it on to stupid people or this hacker is stupid

SuicideShaun2734d ago

If one hacker can breach a multibillion dollar corporations security and force them to shut their network down, I would rule out him being "stupid".

BlackTar1872734d ago

I with shaun. I don;t think they would go out and buy stuff of that value so quick i don;t know. Im no expert i just want proof from all the posters caliming they have all this information that the rest of the world doesn't have yet.

Confirmed proof please 100% not speculation

THC CELL2735d ago

Bs he has a ps3 and he just happens to blame ps3 before anything. Stupid media again.. I will tell u one more time I was hacked from a high street store and on other sites