Sony, PSN Needs To Come Back Hard, Better Than Ever

GameThirst - It’s happened, damn it. PSN’s been hacked, and the gaming world is in a meltdown. Things will never be the same – trust has been totally lost and lawsuits are already flinging from all corners. PSN. It houses all our sensitive information, but no longer is the network the only home to that information. It’s now in the hands of one or more persons getting ready to go on a nasty fraud rampage that might result in the destruction of livelihoods all over the world.

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movements2734d ago

PSN will be back. Better than ever that's for sure!

MagicAccent2734d ago

Even if this never happens again, it will still have happened one time too many.

ionlyneedonebubble2734d ago

I think we as gamers are only entitled to maybe a cross game chat update. And it doesnt even have to be right away as soon as the PSN is back up. It could be a month down the road and that would be fine. Sony keep doing a good job with the new security features and hurry up with PSN!!! Still love your console!

Christopher2734d ago

Agreed. Because of the security issue, Sony should work against the patent issues and technology issues they have to get us cross game chat ASAP to make us feel better about their service. Nothing says we're all better and more secure now like a feature that would only be used by a fraction of the user base. /s

Bell Boy2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

get a grip!

about 3-4 weeks ago a mass email an almost identical to the Sony warning they were hacked went out on behalf of numerous companies.

These included Best Buy, Walgreens and a host of others I forgot....guess what the company that manages their online data was hacked and personal details potentially obtained.

I don't recall this mass hysteria or witch hunt in that case, although I suspect accounts were more likey to have cc details attached, and I don't recall anyone wanting free electronics from Best Buy or freebies from Walgreens as compensation.

We can't play online big WOW, play and enjoy a sp game. Myself I am loving Res 5 a game I thought I would hate since I played the demo but love since playing with Move

Bell Boy2734d ago

yes stupid but speaking the truth in amongst this hyperbole hysteria that is rampant on n4g right now

Sinkway2734d ago

Well you'd hope it should be better than ever because PSN just cost them MILLIONS!! haha Swish!
Damn i feel sorry for you PS3 people, it really sucks what has happend.

blackburn52734d ago

I am glad your happy with people's misery. It must be fun to be a jerky [email protected][email protected] Godmars290. Nothing is guaranteed but they will take more precautions this time a round.What concerns me is with all this breach of trust and hacking, Sony will probably keep the PS4 and NGP under lock and key to prevent this from happening again meaning stricter rules and protocols. You give people an inch and they take a yard.

Sinkway2733d ago

No its a stupid artical man. Of course they'll come back better, i mean they have to right? and dude, when i said i felt sorry for the PS3 people i meant it.

Godmars2902734d ago

Sort of off topic, but does anyone remember that the hacker issue, after Geohot and otherOS, happened because a group of hackers posed as a legitimate developer? That they got their hands on a dev kit as well as the security keys? And yet every time I hear about it, its like the hackers did everything from scratch and Sony's incompetent.

If such was the case then what's really preventing it from happening again?

FredEffinChopin2734d ago

Nothing is to stop it from happening again anywhere, and it has nothing to do with incompetence. When the right hacker(s) wants to get in bad enough, he will. All one can do is make it tougher and tougher. When that new system gets broken, then even tougher measures will be developed. This is the nature of internet security. It's in a perpetual state of hackers poking holes and people rushing to patch the holes up.

03212734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Loved this article, Lets hope Sony see's this and decides to do all these things. I want a new XMB damn it! I'm sick of the old PSP XMB >:(

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