What Happened to Memorable Console JRPGs?

John Carson writes, "Damn, JRPGs are looking great these days, but what is the cost of this cosmetic overhaul? Tri-Ace, developer of the Star Ocean franchise, gave us a glimpse of their newest engine tech the other day (video here), and it got me thinking about why JRPGs of this era aren't as memorable as the ones I played growing up. I came to the conclusion that while developers such as Square Enix and Tri-Ave are pushing the envelope on visuals, they aren't giving you a world to explore as they once did. Cruising through the clouds in an airship, or trudging through a forest to find a loot and boss filled cave are practically missing on consoles now."

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Godmars2902729d ago

Dead on the PS3 and 360 because JP devs don't really know what to do with them.

Dart892729d ago

I can answer that cuz everyone is making FPS which seems to be the trend this generation.Next generation we better have some more damn rpgs.

Misterhbk2729d ago

Memorable JRPGs are alive and well in Japan. We just dont get many of them localized because the focus on online multiplayer this gen and the western media blitzing all over them once they do arrive has killed them for us. it really sucks because JRPG's are still my favorite genre. I only play shooters on a rare occasion. The good ones that actually have a storyline and not just shoot everyone you see.

kreate2728d ago

what works are military shooters.

than the secondary successful genre are sci-fi shooters.

than the third successful type of games are action games such as god of war/assassin's creed.

RPG in general is a dying genre.
therefore, JRPG is also dying, if u want traditional RPGs than u better go out there and buy them.
so far, the PS3 has the best line-up of JRPGs.

as far as being memorable RPGs, ur probably just getting older and ur gaming taste probably changed to some degree since ur childhood days when JRPGs dominated the gaming market.

at the end, its mainly cuz the North American territory abandoned the RPG and switched to shooters.
developers go where the money goes,
no money.... ur closing down or bought out.