GamePro: Do MMOs Get Better with Age?

GamePro: "MMO developers are naturally reticent to share subscription information, but Georgeson claims that EverQuest II's servers are still vibrant and the game's population shows no signs of lagging. "MMOs get older and better," explains Georgeson. "And EverQuest II is one of the best MMOs ever made." Georgeson expresses enthusiasm for the project as if it were a recently launched title, not a six-year-old game that has been eclipsed in popularity by newer titles like World of Warcraft and Rift.

But EverQuest II isn't the same game that it was in 2004; MMOs seem to be in a constant state of ever-updating. MMOs need to stay constantly fresh or users will get bored—or so the thinking goes. But the risk, of course, is that if the changes aren't welcomed by the community, subscriptions will plummet. Remember what the "New Game Enhancements" did to Star Wars Galaxies? Heck, even the biggest fish in the pond, World of Warcraft, isn't immune to the need to constantly update."

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Neko_Mega2827d ago

Some do I think, WoW looks awesome and seems to play better then it did when first came out.

ionlyneedonebubble2827d ago

A lot of them do, but not all.